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As the world’s largest retailers of designer reading glasses, we’ve helped our customers find a pair that that lets them read, and look great while they do it. Our goal is to provide you with one of the best shopping experiences you’ll ever have online, which is why we’ve answered thousands of questions since we sold our first pair of frames.

Drawing on this experience, we built our knowledge center to provide answers to some of your commonly asked questions and to help you pick out your perfect pair of specs.

How Magnification Works

Unlike prescription lenses, which are custom made to correct a variety of medical conditions, reading glasses simply help make small text larger. If you only need a little extra help while reading, this makes our specs an excellent alternative to custom lenses.

Finding the right magnification strength will help you buy a pair of readers that make reading comfortable.

Finding Frames That Flatter

One of the most common questions our customer service team receives is a “What frames will look best on my face?” While the answer to this question often comes down to personal taste, certain frame designs do tend to work better with one facial structure over another. We’ll go over the different options, from round lenses to angular frames, to help you determine what you should consider when you pick out your next pair of readers.

Types Of Bifocal Lenses

Bifocals offer the best of both worlds, giving you strength when you need it, but getting out of your way when you don’t. The lower portion of the lenses gives you full-strength magnification while keeping most of your vision clear and unmodified. This allows you to wear the reading glasses comfortably all day, even when you’re not reading.

Bifocals come in three distinct types: Traditional Bifocals, Progressive Lenses, and Computer-Style reading glasses. The style you choose will depend on what you need them for, as well as personal preference.

What Are Polarized Lenses

Sunglasses are a staple with any outdoor outfit. The wide tinted lenses look great, but they also help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Polarized lenses take that protection a step further by filtering out reflected light, virtually eliminating glare. This makes them perfect for wearing to the pool, the beach, or anywhere with open water.

A Primer For Your First Pair of Reading Glasses

Reading Glasses help make small text easier to read, without requiring prescription lenses. Picking out your first pair of readers might sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll go over the basic medical conditions that our lenses can help compensate for, and point you in the right direction when you start looking for frames.

Lens and Frame Care

Our designer frames are built to last. Our guide to frame and lens care will help you keep your glasses looking, and feeling new for years to come. We’ll cover how to clean your lenses without scratching them, or tips on how to keep your frames from bending.

Nose Pad Replacement

The nose pads on your glasses can make or break how comfortable the frames are since they support the weight of the lenses and balance them on the bridge of your nose. This constant contact leaves them vulnerable to wear and tear. To get the most out of your specs, you can replace the nose pads, ensuring the frames continue to fit well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reading Glasses

Do you have questions about designer frames? We answered some of the most common questions we get about our company, our products, and our partners all in one place. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, our customer support team is always happy to help.

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