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Croakies for Glasses

20 products
20 products

Croakies for glasses are the practical accessory for any pair of readers. The retainer wraps comfortably around your neck and holds a firm grip on the arms of your glasses. carries a large variety of Croakies styles.

Croakies Equals Options

The Arc Endless neck chain is a coated steel cord with a rear length adjustment. Unique rubber ends slide snuggly into the arms of your glasses, ensuring a strong grip. Unlike imitations, these will not loosen over a short period of time.

Premium leather cords with Croakies Tite End™ are always the classic favorite. These Croakies for glasses, whether a pair of readers or sunglass readers, offer both style and function.

Shop our popular Terra Tite model. With a strong grip that holds arms in place and a waterproof woven cord, you'll be ready for whatever life throws your way. Terra Tite has two interchangeable gripper ends that will accommodate different sized temples. Find a variety of Croakies in vibrant colors or stick to a classic black or gray design.

Designed with adventure in mind, Croakies keeps eyeglasses safe while you enjoy your favorite outdoor activity.

How Did Croakies Come About?

The year was 1977, and an inventive ski patrol officer cut up an old wetsuit to create the first strap. His invention caught on quickly among his fellow skiers and it soon became a thriving business.

A soft cap fits snugly on the end of the arms of your glasses, and premium materials like leather or steel are used to create a loop that keeps your frames comfortably close when you hang them around your neck. Browse our collection of Croakies for glasses in a variety of styles and colors to find the pair that matches your frame and lifestyle.

Select from a variety of models and gripper options. Order confidently, knowing we offer free shipping on every order.

Croakies will keep you glasses safe and secure around your neck. Unless a bear steals them. Because, you know, bears.