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Frame and Lens Care

Once you find your perfect pair of reading glasses, we want to make sure that you’ll enjoy them for years to come. Here’s some tips on keeping them clean.

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How to Clean Your lenses

We recommend getting into the habit of rinsing your glasses under the faucet

tap water icon

run lenses underwarm tap water

to remove dust and dirt that may have accumulated and could scratch the lenses as you wipe them.

microfiber cloth icon

microfiber cleaning cloth included with every purchase

In a pinch, a clean 100% cotton cloth can be used. Minor smudges can be removed with just the microfiber cleaning cloth, used dry.

dishwashing liquid icon

to remove dirt and oil, a dab of dishwashing liquid works best

Avoid commercially marketed eyeglass lens cleaning solutions. Most contain alcohol, which, over time, can damage today’s high-tech coatings.

How NOT to Clean Your lenses

shirt icon

your shirt

Probably the most common mistake people make is cleaning their lenses with the bottom of a shirt. Fact is, clothing picks up dust and other particles as you go through your day, and these can leave small scratches.

tissue icons

Tissues or paper towels:

These products contain wood fibers, coarse enough to scratch and mar lenses as easily as dirt or other substances can.

Maintaining Your Frame’s Shape

While proper cleaning of your lenses will keep your vision clear, the frames that hold them need care, as well. Whether you’ve opted for plastic or metal frames, you’ll keep them feeling new longer by following a few simple steps

removing glasses icon

remove glasses with both hands in a straight, away-from-your-face motion.

Avoid pulling them off one-handed to the side, as doing this repeatedly can stress and loosen temple arms and hinges.

glasses on top of head icon

Avoid parking your glasses on the top of your head.

This can cause the temple arms of both plastic and metal frames to stretch out of alignment. Additionally, for metal frames, doing so can transfer sufficient stress to the lenses to create small fractures.

do not put your glasses on the dash of your card icon

Never rest your glasses on the dash of your car or on a sunny windowsill.

Extreme heat can soften the frame, causing its shape to warp. High-tech lens coatings, when exposed to intense heat, can shrink and distort.


Protecting your reading glasses starts even before you put them on. When you’re not wearing your glasses, keep them in their case. Be sure to not place them in your pocket or bag without protection, since keys, coins or any other loose objects can scratch the lenses.