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As the world’s largest online store for designer reading glasses, we’ve helped countless customers find the perfect glasses for their face shape and personal sense of style. Style preference is only one of the characteristics our customers use when choosing frames. They also need to find the perfect fit, just the right color, and frames that will flatter.

Depending on the shape of your face, certain designs and shapes may look better on you than others. Our fit guide won’t tell you which reading glasses to buy – that’s always up to you. But we’re happy to show you where to start and offer our humble suggestions, of course.

Determining Your Face Shape

Throw on a pair of glasses and, right away, you either love them or you hate them. You know which shapes work for you – and which definitely do not. But what do you do when you are shopping online? We have a solution. With our expert fit guide, you will have a starting point to narrow your selection of readers, prescription readers, and reading sunglasses for your face shape.

Just like your personality, your face is unique. From the color of your eyes to the shape of your chin, your face helps define who you are. The perfect pair of reading glass frames for your face shape will not only match your appearance but will complement your one-of-a-kind personality as well.

Oval Faces

Oval face shapes usually have balanced features with high cheekbones and the chin is often narrower than the forehead. Almost every pair of glasses will look great on an oval face; just be sure to select a frame that balances your bone structure. Frames with detailed temple embellishments always work well with oval faces. Look for bold shapes, colors and textures, and a size that balances the rest of the face.

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Round Faces

Round face shapes usually have full cheeks and a rounded chin and are easily identifiable as a circular appearance. When you select a frame, choose shapes that add contrast to your face’s natural curves. Great shapes to choose from include rectangles, squares, and Clubmaster styles. Look for eyewear with strong details, wider lenses, and possibly nose pads to lift the frames off your cheeks.

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Square Faces

People with a square face shape usually have a prominent jawline and angular features. Because of the angular bone structure, you may want to select frames with curves to soften the angles. Thinner frames usually look great on square face shapes. Look for eyewear with curves, like round or oval frames or aviator shapes.

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Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart face shapes often have a narrow chin that is smaller than the forehead. High cheekbones are another feature of heart shapes. When choosing a frame, try a shape that will minimize the width of the top of the face. You may want to look for lighter colors, two-tone, or gradient colors on the frames’ front. Look for specs with contrast on the lower part of the frame, such as a Clubmaster shapes.

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Diamond-Shapes Faces

Diamond face shapes are often defined when your cheekbones are the widest part of your face. Your forehead is approximately the same width of your jawline and your chin. Choose a big frame to enhance your eyeline and balance your features. Bold black frames often work well on diamond shape faces. Look for bold, thick frames and dark or vibrant colors.

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