Reading Glasses Style Guides:
Find a Style to Complete Any Look

Your wardrobe says a lot about you. Whether you’re dressing to impress at the office, or soaking up some sun on vacation, you want to wear clothing that makes you look and feel great — and reading glasses are no exception.

At, we offer frames in hundreds of styles from some of today’s hottest designers, making our collection one of the largest on the Web. With our Style Guides to help you find what you’re looking for — you’re sure to discover the perfect pair of specs to compliment your personal style.

Here are a few great styles to start with…

Specs for the Business Professional

Whether you want something that makes a bold statement, or a classic minimalist design… stylish reading glasses can help you exude cool confidence during presentations, or on-the-go meeting clients, or even at your desk. With both classic and modern styles to choose from, you’re sure to look smart and polished.

Try our business professional style guide for both men’s and women’s styles. Here, you’ll find a pair of readers that are perfect for putting your best foot forward.

Readers for the Urban Male

From the streets of Seattle to the subways in NYC, there’s nothing quite like living in the city. Bold lines and architectural patterns, city lights and colors, and a life on-the-go are what inspired this Style Guide. Here, you’ll find interchangeable styles, bold pieces that range from artsy to geek chic… and understated, timeless frames, too.

In our collection of men’s urban frames, featuring some of the best names in men’s eyewear, you’re sure to find the perfect pair to look your best while you wait for coffee, pound the pavement, and enjoy all that city life has to offer.

Readers for the Urban Female

You’re a hip, fashion-forward professional living in a city that never sleeps. Isn’t it time you found some readers designed to keep up with your busy life? Functional but flattering, with a wide variety of shapes and styles to choose from. These frames go seamlessly from day to night, and keep you looking great from Manhattan to downtown Dallas.

Refreshingly bold but always in style, here you’ll find fashionable urban frames from some of the hottest women’s designers.

Mad Men Style

AMC’s groundbreaking show about the golden age of advertising helped prove that some fashion never goes out of style. The set, clothing, and design of the series brought attention back to timeless frame designs that feel as trendy today as they did back then.

Whether you want to find a pair of glasses inspired by Mad Men, or you’re a fan of retro and throwback trends, you’ll find frames you love in this collection.

Retro Chic

Fashion might change from season to season… but some looks are timeless. The bold designs and brilliant colors from decades past make a bold statement, and let the world know that you’re confident, cool, and authentically yourself.

From bewitching cat eye frames to librarian-style readers, our collection of retro-chic glasses features some of today’s hottest designers. You’re sure to love these ultra-feminine, fun styles.

Readers for Summer Vacation

Looking forward to some welcome relaxation at the beach? Before you finish packing your bags, don’t forget to pick up a pair of reading sunglasses so you can enjoy your afternoons in the sand. From hiking, to golfing, to an island getaway, we have sun-ready reading glasses for men and women from today’s top designers.

Outside, you need something that will help you see books, menus, and golf score cards clearly… and also protect your eyes from the sun. And our paradise getaway collection has the styles you want, so you can look your best, too.

Wayfarer Style

Originally developed by Ray-Ban, the Wayfarer style is iconic. It’s worn by movies stars, musicians, travelers, concert goers, and more — and the classic style is instantly recognizable. Plus, they look great with most face shapes and clothing styles, making them one of the most versatile pair of eyeglasses you’ll own.

Since the initial design, several companies created their own versions of the Wayfarer style frames, and our collection makes it easy to find a pair that matches your personal tastes and budget. Available in men’s and women’s styles, everyone looks cooler in a pair of Wayfarers.

Quality Never Goes Out of Style

We pride ourselves in having the best collection of designer readers anywhere on the web, and we stand behind our products. No matter what pair you choose, you can order in confidence, knowing you’ll get frames made from premium materials with optical-quality lenses.

We’re so confident you’ll enjoy your reading glasses, that we make your order risk-free. Once you receive your frames, wear them for up to 30 days, to be sure you love them. If you decide the readers you bought aren’t for you, it’s no problem! Just print out a return label and send them back.

Really! No questions to answer, no hoops to jump through. Just complimentary return shipping, so you can easily try something else. That way, you’re sure to find the frames you love.