The Original Wayfarer

From the first pair made by Ray-Ban in 1956, Wayfarers became one of the most iconic frames ever designed. Here’s how to get the look at


Wayfarer Patent

In 1956, Ray-ban created the sunglasses that helped them establish their brand: The Wayfarer. Angular lenses and a wide frame helped create an unmistakably bold look that made them an instant success worldwide.

Despite some critics saying they had a masculine design, Wayfarers were a popular choice for both men and women; the oversized lenses made them great sunglasses since they were effective at blocking sunlight.

Hollywood Famous

Blues Brothers

In the ‘80s, Ray-Ban hired a promotional team to help put Wayfarers into popular TV and Film. This is where many Americans were first introduced to the unique style. From the Blue’s Brothers to Risky Business, the specs appears in some of the decade's most memorable films.

During the ‘80s, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and members of U2 and Queen all wore wayfarers during their performances. These were undoubtedly the sunglasses of choice for music fans and film aficionados alike.

While the style wasn’t as prominent during the ‘90s, Ray-Ban refreshed their design in 2001 to give them a more modern look. Other manufacturers took advantage of this relaunch to offer their own versions of the frame’s style, many of which are available at

Get That Wayfarer Look

Picking out a pair of Wayfarers is about making a statement. The frames say that you’re cool, confident, and perhaps even a little mysterious. They’re the glasses worn by movie stars, celebrities, and legends of rock and roll.

At, we offer a variety of Wayfarer-style reading glasses, computer-style progressives, and reading sunglassess from some of today’s best designers, including the original Ray-Ban. From the boardroom to the boardwalk, when you wear a pair of Wayfarers you’re telling the world that you’re ready to take whatever it throws at you, and you’re doing it with a smile.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Often imitated, the brand behind the first Wayfarer sunglasses offers a variety of styles for both men and women who won’t settle for anything less than the original.

Shuron American-Made Wayfarers

As one of the oldest eyewear makers in the country, Shuron is no stranger to American fashion. Their take on the Wayfarer is handmade in the United States, making them the go-to choice if you prefer your shades to be made in America.

Jeepers Affordable Wayfarers

Jeepers takes classic styles but updates them with a fun, funky twist. Our collection of Jeeper’s Wayfarer-style frames also allow offer our customers an affordable way to wear the look they want.

Your Favorite Brands Take On A Timeless Style

At, we also offer Wayfarer-style reading glasses from some of your favorite brands including Seattle Eyework and Circa Spectacles. We love the design so much that we even made our own version of it for Goo Goo Eyes. If you’re looking for a pair of Wayfarers, be sure to view our entire collection. We’ve got you covered.