Reading Glasses for Business Professionals

If you want to look your best at the office, we can help. Get suggestions for smart, professional frames made by today’s hottest designers.


In business, first impressions matter. A glance, a handshake or a greeting is all someone needs to form an opinion of who you are. Whether it’s a potential boss in an interview, or a customer thinking about making a sale, you want to make sure you always put your best foot forward.

Business professional doesn’t have to mean boring. The old staple of a suit and a tie still have their place, but they’re not as common as they used to be. However, the goal of business clothing is still the same: You want anyone you meet to know that you know what you’re doing.

During that first impression, making eye contact is crucial. Looking someone in the eyes helps convey trust, intelligence, and confidence. If you wear reading glasses, you want to find a pair that helps reinforce this impression instead of distracting them from it.

Business professional clothing has an element of minimalism that helps highlight your natural confidence and competence. Instead of relying on flashy colors that help you stand out, you want something that’s understated. The glasses you wear should match this overall minimalist style. That way, it’s your personality, not your specs, that leave the lasting impression.

Every pair of reading glasses suggested in this guide have computer-style progressive lens, designed for the modern office. An anti-reflective coating helps protect your eyesight from strain, even under fluorescent light. The special progressive-style lenses feature two different magnifications, helping you switch between your computer screen and printed or hand-written notes. Just like you, these glasses are all business.

The Minimalist

You don’t want something that helps you stand out — after all, your personality does that for you. Using metals, reading glasses designers can create thin frames that are still strong enough to stand up to everyday wear and tear. The result is ultra-light reading glasses with a minimalist design that fits well with many professional styles. The subtle metallic tones give a touch of class to your look, but don’t overpower it.

The Bold Intellectual

There’s an old saying that says the eyes are a window to the soul, which is why eye contact is so important in communication. In business, making eye contact with someone can help you establish trust, authenticity, and authority. These frames are made with bold, thick lines because they’re made to be noticed. The minimalist design helps you appear intelligent, confident, like someone who will look a client directly in the eye when it comes to closing the sale.

The Creative Developer

You may work in the office, but you’re anything but status quo. Your creativity and drive are what drew you to your job, and what make you so good at it. These professional frames come in fashion-forward colors that help you get noticed. Do you want to make an impression, even from across the room? These bold specs are designed to help you do just that.

Dolce&Gabbana 3180 Goo Goo Eyes 827 Goo Goo Eyes 841 Gucci 4259 Ray-Ban 2132 Limited Carrera 5531 Carrera 4402 Brent Ray-Ban 2132 Ray-Ban 5277

Professional, Functional Eyewear

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