Get That Mad Men Look

Our style guide will help you find a pair of reading glasses that complements the refined look popularized in the hit TV show. Free shipping & returns.


Mad Men is one of the greatest television series of all time. The period drama, set in the 1960s during the golden age of advertising, follows the lives and office politics of Don Draper, his co-workers, and their family. The show won multiple awards, thanks to its writing, casting, and set design that gave a realistic portrayal of business in the 1960s.

At Sterling Cooper, men wore pressed shirts and suits to work and casual Fridays meant enjoying that second glass of scotch before an afternoon meeting. The cool confidence of Draper and the others helped to bring this retro look back into fashion.

From Don Draper’s sunglasses to office-inspired specs, find a pair of reading glasses that helps you complete your Mad Men look.

The Executive

In the past, most readers had lenses made out of glass, which are heavier than today’s modern plastic specs. The added weight meant thicker frames that wrapped completely around the lenses to provide support, resulting in look that is bold and timeless.

Our collection of retro-executive frames wouldn’t look out of place in Sterling Cooper, but the designs are updated to take advantage of the latest modern materials. Instead of heavy fragile glass, these lenses are made with optical-grade plastic to make the readers lightweight and durable.

The Browline

One of the most distinctive looks in eyewear during the 1950s and 1960s was the Browline. The style features a frame where the top part is thicker and bolder than the bottom half, framing the lens in a way that’s similar to how eyebrows frame the eyes.

Developed by an American company, the style was popular with businessmen and cultural icons through most of the 1960s. In Mad Men, Harry Crane made this retro-style look cool again, which means that our collection includes frames from some of today’s best-known brands.

The Weekend Reading Sunglasses

Mad Men showed more than just life at the office. When Saturday came, these businessmen didn’t let their weekends go to waste.

In the 1960s, there were two popular styles of sunglasses, both developed by Ray-Ban. From Don Draper’s aviators to the popular Wayfarer frame, having a good pair of reading sunglasses is essential to completing your Mad Men look. Our collection includes several takes on these classic styles with modern updates such as optional polarized or anti-reflective lenses.

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