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Women’s Reading Glasses Trends: 5 Key Colors For Spring & Summer 2024

Just because you need to wear a pair of readers to help you read a book, restaurant menu, or use your smartphone on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style.

The favorite Spring 2024 runway color trends and fresh color stories are making their way into the area of reading glasses for women. Beyond the delicate peach-toned ‘Color of the Year’, the standout hues in fashionable women’s readers and women’s reading sunglasses include brilliant saturated hues, light-toned pastels, and several surprising blues and grays!

Here are the Top 5 Key Colors for Stylish Women’s Readers in Spring to Summer 2024

Along with some recommendations

1. Red Revival

“There is a shade of red for every woman” Audrey Hepburn

The vibrancy of hot red tones is always an eye-catcher in women’s eyewear. As the color makes a welcome return, be reminded that crimson hues are a particularly attractive choice for many different skin tones; the variety of tones is easy to style with classic apparel and staple neutrals such as browns and blacks. Red glasses - whether in bright scarlet, ruby, Campari tones or darker and more subdued varieties - are often described as a good choice for those who want to stand out in the crowd, but they can also offer a look that works perfectly for everyday wear, as a stylish detail and expression of good taste.


2. A Light(er) Shade of Blue

“Blue is the only color which maintains its own character in all its tones” Raoul Duffy

Sky blue, baby blue, bright blue, light blue….a new wave of mood-lifting tones in the blue palette has caught on in women’s eyewear…these delicate, translucent and clear blues are a huge contrast to the more traditional dark navy, indigo and midnight blue tones that are mainstays in the collections. This family of tones is fresh and light and ideal for summer wear, paired with similar, light pastel shades in apparel.


3. A Monochrome Moment

“You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion” Christian Dior

Black and white glasses are perennial classics that have their place season through season, for day or for night. This year, the black and white looks on the runway were dramatic and exciting, with innovative silhouettes and details that lend originality to the theme. Having taken the fashion collections by storm, their influence in eyewear returns with real force!


4. Light to Charcoal Gray

“Gray is the queen of colors because she makes everyone else look good”

Supremely popular with eyewear designers this season, gray glasses are a new direction in the glasses palette, and a go-to choice to update your style. Transparent crystal with a touch of gray is a subtle option for a modern take on the trend, while the darker tones of gray will offer a formal elegance that is ideal for work. Gray can be viewed as an alternative to black for those who seek a twist on the more traditional classic black.


5. Lovely Lavender

“Find serenity in the gentle embrace of lavender”

Muted or translucent lilac and lavender tones create a fresh, Spring-like mood, which feels subtle and soft. This color story has had particular appeal among fashion designers who used it across their collections, from shoes to separates, for a special infusion of femininity and sugary sweetness. Transposed into glasses, this fabulous color will have immediate appeal for women wanting a pretty, youthful, modern frame style that coordinates well with the pastel tones in fashion.

It doesn’t matter if you’re reading on a beach, a cruise ship, a yacht, or while comfy on your couch at home. Use our above tips to do it in style with the latest trends for the Spring and Summer of 2024.


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