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An assortment of readers and reading sunglasses.

The Best And Most Stylish Readers For 2024

Why readers?

Readers are the most popular choice of visual aid for close-up tasks like reading and computer work. Most people find they need reading glasses when they reach their 40s – with the onset of presbyopia or age-related farsightedness. The lenses magnify letters and words so that you can read them more easily – and they come in different strengths (measured in diopters), that suit our different visual needs. When you start to note the signs of presbyopia you will usually need a lens with a low diopter strength. As you get older you are likely to need a higher strength of 2.25 or more.

Find the perfect pair for you

Stylish readers which also offer premium grade lens quality – and visual clarity are a go-to choice at Just as in fashion, there is no one look to suit all, and the huge variety of design styles, eye shapes and color combinations here means there are plenty of different options for everyone to express their own unique personality and style.

Many people are looking for the latest looks when they select a pair of readers, but classic and timeless readers are also popular for their traditional shapes and most flattering colors.

So what are the latest looks to know about? Our round-up highlights some of the hottest trends for 2024, and incorporates the most important glasses trends that are immediately alluring if you’d like a fashionable yet wearable everyday reading style.


Fashion-Forward Readers

This year, lots of eye-catching eyewear trends are stealing the show both for men and for women who love fashion and trendsetting design and color. Gradient and bi-colors in acetate frames offer something bold and new for the season, with color themes ranging through tones of peach (Pantone color of the year), pink, green and blue. Frames which are color-blocked in single tones with lots of vibrancy or a pattern or print are equally desirable in a season which permits us to choose from many looks. Edgy and bold shapes with structured lines and geometric silhouettes offer a cool and current vibe for readers where trendsetting looks are desired.


Transparent Readers

Minimal yet always stylish, clear frames have a special place in eyewear. Their distinctive elegant finish is ideal for many different faces and skin tones, and that versatility puts them high in the ranking of “best styles to choose”. A gentle tint of pink or peach or gray in the crystal acetate can be particularly attractive for some complexions, adding a subtle twist to the transparent story, which is particularly popular again this year.


Geometric Readers

Shapes like hexagons and octagons give a whole new look to the face with their bold and vibrant design focus. Round glasses have also been gently transformed with some geometric lines, and the round design with a flattened top is a fresh look that is very cool in 2024.


Classic Men’s Readers

A classic reader should be flattering and elegant but somewhat minimal, so as not to overpower the face. Revisit some of the most iconic shapes in eyewear history, and enjoy the traditional allure of the colors of yesteryear…from natural Havana tones to a dark, demure variation of a luxurious black reader.


Avant-Garde Readers

For those who want a lively design, an unusual shape or a joyful spirited statement of color, readers come in all shapes and sizes. Find a whole world of color and avant-garde design in these examples that turn a simple vision aid into an exciting yet wearable piece of art for the face!


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