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Women’s Fashion - Timeless And Classic

For those of us who write about fashion and accessories, this is usually the time to be studying the catwalks for the chicest looks ahead, the color palette, fabrics, and key details that will inspire the most exciting must-have designs, across categories, from shoes and boots to jewelry, headgear to bags, eyewear, and sunglasses in the coming year.

Of course, this season is a little bit off-kilter with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on fashion, less opportunity for live catwalk events, the usual fashion weeks – and less chance to eye up the style inspiration on the street, making our work a little bit more difficult in terms of trend predictions and key pieces, but that’s not to say there aren’t any!

Honing in on what’s new in glasses takes us into a chic and multi-faceted world which explores color, design, and exuberant maximalist aesthetics – but also allows an easy classic direction that effortlessly combines many things in one: comfort, ease of wear, and a timeless look, chic attitude and style with a focus on heritage and functionality, flattering design and quality – this is the mood we’d recommend for 2021….

The 5 looks to add to your wardrobe for 2021…NOW

Thick Acetate Rims

Model: Goo Goo Eyes 886 (Ruby & Amber)

With a vast choice of acetate designs and traditional rectangular and square eye shapes – both of which are as popular now as they were in past decades – whatever your face shape you will find something here that adds to your wardrobe staples. The style is chic with suits and complements work wear tones of black, grey, and navy. In 2021, the larger dimensions will trend. Go with it and you’ll feel on-trend.

The Goo Goo Eyes 886 is a computer style progressive with a rectangular lens and a substantial frame and thick temples. These dimensions will usually suit round faces.

Goo Goo Eyes 886 Computer Style Progressive

Panto Styles (Because They Suit Everyone!)

Oscar by Circa Spectacles readers and reading sunglasses
Model: Oscar by Circa Spectacles

We’ve said it before on this blog, and we’ll say it again! The panto frame is one of the all-time greats in eyewear, and while it is sometimes more associated with a Hollywood-esque menswear style, it’s a big trend for women – and this is growing all the time. Ideally suited to a slimmer face, but hugely versatile, the modern-day styles come in a host of advanced materials and dimensions and plenty of color options that upgrade the classic look.

Oscar by Circa Spectacles combines the perfect round panto shape with a really super crystal coloration. The frame construction is quite delicate so it looks chic and light on the face. The design is inspired by the Academy Award crowd: it’s intellectual, refined and pared-down – it won’t overpower your facial features.

Oscar by Circa Spectacles

A Touch Of Tortoise

Model: Ray-Ban 2132

Earthy tones and neutrals are in the spotlight and you can never go wrong with a touch of tortoise in eyewear either – it pairs somewhat easily with the most classic of looks. At present, we love the lighter-toned varieties and the really old-school classic colors you’ll find in brands like Ray-Ban with an authentic Italian elegance and striking mix of tones.

Ray-Ban 2132 Classic is an all-time bestseller at The organic shape of the frame and its well-balanced proportions means that it is an easy-to-wear and ageless style that could never go out of fashion. Choose it for its longevity and iconic timeless style.

Ray-Ban 2132

Vintage Clip-Ons

Model: Newbury Street by Circa Spectacles

Vintage details such as the clip-on are a good idea and have made a come back into fashion in the last few years. In fact, they’ve filtered into women’s wardrobes as much as they have into men’s. As the “classic and comfortable” direction seems to be a key theme into 2021, this seems like a perfect investment to fix up a look and show your personal style whilst adding protection for your eyes from the sun.

Newbury Street from the label Circa Spectacles is a classic round shape. The frame comes with a polarized clip with a 1950s inspired design. These throwback details with an authentic vibe – in fashion and design - are key in 2021.

Newbury Street by Circa Spectacles

Skinny Half-Moon Glasses

Nu Vue Single Vision Half Frame Reader in multiple colors
Model:Nu Vue

The half-moon is historic. And just as your grandmother would know, this trusty design is a loved one for reading, easy to peer over to see in the distance without having to take them off time and again.

The colors are worth studying to get the look you want – classic tortoise, monochrome, or crystal are elegant while a bright tone of red might provide an accent color to warm up and elevate everyday style.

Nu Vue‘s half eye in black fade – a super classic monochrome. The frame is also available in some very chic timeless tones of grey and amber.

Nu Vue

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