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Men’s Glasses Trends: Set Your Style For Fall/Winter 2021/22

Men’ Glasses Trends
Set Your Style For Fall/Winter 2021/22

The first crop of new season men’s frames sees plenty of variety, versatility and statement style from the big brands – with some very good-looking metal and acetate designs that will see you through to 2022. Men’s eyewear has an elegant and directional feel and the styles that are arriving would be well placed for work or relaxation, with specific details that are masculine and smart - or sporty and high-tech, for men of any age.

5 Trends We Know You’ll Love!

1. Green Glasses

For guys, the color to keep an eye on is green, in many varied and flattering shades and combined, if you prefer, with other tones. Graduated acetate colorations, deep green tones and fetching shades of olive, right through to greenish brown mixes and dark and light combos are taking eyewear by storm as we yearn for something fresh and new – helped along by an underlining eco-consciousness. At least one of your frames should reflect this mood towards greenery and nature inspiration as you go towards Fall – especially if your wardrobe reflects the latest looks and trends, this is one tone that will keep you on track.

2. Sleek & Easy

Oakley OX 3235 readers in Dark Brown
Oakley OX 3235

These handsome designs are comfortable, light and very very cool for men this year! The simple modern lines are a perfect match with a suit, blazer or jacket, creating an upscale look that is right on track for work.Comfort and unobtrusive styling are often a man’s most important considerations when selecting a frame, and with these slick shapes and dynamic structures, you’ll feel confident and stylish without any fuss!

3. Sports Tech

If you’re into tech and love a sports style, the latest eyewear collections will have some special frames for you. Whether it’s a construction that perfectly fuses form and function or a super sporty frame to suit an active male, these designs are mind-blowing when it comes to materials and in many cases adaptable so that the fit is next to none. Some of the best details in frames like these by Oakley are the adjustable nose pads and no slip ear socks which elevate the wearer experience – to be ready for action.

4. Timeless Classics

The iconic shapes in eyewear are everywhere, with new contemporary touches, unique colors or specialised details that give them so much style. Particular favorites for the season ahead are the more geometric or angular shapes, the pantos and rounds and forms that are old-school turned “cutting-edge” – the ultimate in luxury eyewear. Those who enjoy a more edgy, statement style can choose a distinguished browline style or a sensational square-shaped frame in the most stylish classic tones of tortoise, Havana or much loved black.

5. Wood Grain, Horn Textures, Glossy or Matte

Guys in the know are wearing frames with subtle patterns. These designs are often inspired by nature with wood grains and horn textures adding extra style and panache to a regular shape. In the same vein, a glossy or brushed matte finish changes the overall look of the design with a subtle modern edge – these finishes are highly recommended if you’re thinking about a slightly different take on color to add some real contemporary finesse.


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