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Color Spotlight

Color Spotlight
Tap into the wonderful world of eyewear color!

If the most recent frames are any indication, color and how we wear it is certainly on our minds. Whether you’re a fan of the classics, or a stickler for brights, reinvigorating the colors we wear—and live in—has never felt so right.

Color is the easiest way to make a big impact or subtle change. A splash of red. A touch of pink. A hint of blue or green. With glasses, brighter tones can spice up a wardrobe of neutrals and black, just as a paler, more subtle hue can add sophistication and glamour or an irresistible modern twist.

Glasses offset skin tones: for those with a cooler tone, typically hues of green, blue and purple are often recommended as ideal choices, while those with a warm complexion can often benefit from tones of pink, coral, tortoise, and saturated brown.

But rules of the past can also be broken, and many factors, including hair and eye color, should be considered alongside skin. The aesthetic styling of the colors is also paramount, and your choices should be based on how you respond to different tones and patterns of the frame – and how they make you feel.

Color Themes For 2021

1. Nude & Neutral

Prada PR 04WV
Prada PR 04WV
Prada PR 07WV
Prada PR 07WV

Reassuring, approachable, versatile, and timeless, this is a beautiful palette of hues that won’t let you down. The soft, subtle effect of these gentle, unpretentious colors promotes a calm, youthful and refreshing mood in any elegant wardrobe.

From taupes to terracotta, cream to camel, blush to beige, the sheer refinement of the very pale and neutral colors will flatter even the most tired complexion and promote wellbeing, comfort, and calm in a fresh and contemporary way.

2. Bold & Bright Color Blocking

Ray-Ban 4368 in Red
Ray-Ban 4368 in Blue
Ray-Ban 4368 in Yellow

Commanding warm colors, energizing neon-like brights, ultra-hot statement-making tones. There is no shortage of bold, bright, heart-warming colors in eyewear this season as we seek a sense of playful expression post-pandemic and a burst of joy and brightness that we may not have ever had such a strong urge for before!

Bright blue, neon green, reassuring red, and upbeat tones across the spectrum from dazzling pink to mood-boosting yellow are there for the taking in all shapes and styles!

Monochrome Magic

Burberry 4244
Burberry 4244

Black + white. Black or white! Dressing head to toe in black or white is on-trend, and that means that black glasses (or white ones) are back in the game. The all-black no-fuss specs will probably never go away as everyone loves this statement and the extraordinary simplicity of the look.

Black and white coordinated combos are also very much in vogue; among the freshest are the 1990s inspired designs – Prada’s PR 09VV goes all out in monochrome gray/white horizontal stripes.

4. Earth-toned & Nature Inspired

Burberry 2333
Burberry 2333
Prada 57W
Prada 57W

Colorations that remind us of natural, reliable, constant materials like stone, wood, and horn are widely available as we embrace the wonders of nature and find solace in its comforting presence around us.

Green - and all its fresh, wild variations of tone - is one to try this season if you haven’t already. So too are the beautiful varieties of patterns in acetate that remind us of natural bark, stone, and earth with their unique mixes of color, shaded effects, patterns, and soft and stunning textural imperfections.


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