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Slimfold by Kanda, Japan’s Finest Folding Readers. (video transcript)

Hi. I’m Georgia Foy, fashion specialist here at

I am excited today to talk about a collection many agreed to be the world’s finest folding frame collection. Slimfold.

You would never know by looking at these modern designs that Slimfold has actually been manufacturing these now classic designs for over 30 years. Innovative Japanese designers got it right the first time and we are all the beneficiary. All Slimfolds have a unique feature that enables a truly personalized fit, a four position, adjustable nose bridge. I just simply love the way these look on. They’re fantastic.

Now let me show you how elegantly and simply Slimfolds nestle into a handsomely pressed aluminum case. This case is only a quarter inch thick, thus Slimfolds name. Watch this. I feel like a magician. Slimfolds are so well crafted. I’m just amazed at how I just did that. That is so easy and quick and simple I can pick them in my pocket. We have customers that are still using the same pair for over 20 years.

Of course, every few years we update their lenses to their newest needs but symbols represent the best of elegant Japanese design. You’ll find them comfortable and convenient for many years to find your pair of Slimfolds, please visit us at

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