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Seeoo Reading Glasses

Seeoo reading glasses are not your average specs. Manufactured in Austria and designed in Italy, these avant-garde frames are the very essence of European fashion. At, we offer a variety of Seeoo reading glasses options, but the brand is best known for its convenient and unique Pince-Nez frames.

Pince-Nez Reading Glasses

Sometimes the greatest ideas come from the past. Seeoo took a page from history and breathed new life into the once popular “pince-nez” glasses made famous by dignitaries like President Teddy Roosevelt and Morpheus in Blockbuster movie, The Matrix. Instead of resting against your temples these armless wonders simply perch on the bridge of your nose, creating one of the smallest set of specs around. They’re super light and, as you can see, super portable.

Pince-Nez glasses were developed more than 100 years ago to give wearers a pair of small, compact frames they could easily keep in their front pockets between uses. Our Seeoo reading glasses are designed to balance securely on the bridge of your nose without the usual eyewear temples. Perfect for anyone who requires magnification from reading glasses but uses the functional accessory for very short periods of time, the Pince-Nez reading glasses are both comfortable and practical. The readers easily slide back into a slim, durable case small enough to fit just about anywhere, making the specs ideal for travel and everyday use.

In addition to our modern Pince-Nez glasses, our assortment of Seeoo reading glasses includes several other, equally stylish frames for the man or woman with a more traditional sense of fashion. Choose the style and features to customize Seeoo reading glasses to best match your individual needs.