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Reading Glasses, The Shape Guide For Men. (Video Transcript)

Hi I’m Georgia fashion eyewear specialists here at

Eyewear is such a fashion statement these days. And with all the colors and styles, it’s easy to overlook what may be the most important thing when it comes to choosing glasses that will look great on you and that is frame shape. True.

Some of this is purely personal style and preference but, at a fundamental level, it’s simply a fact that some frame shapes will look better on you than others. To help you get a better appreciation for this, you can find an illustrated frames that flatter guide on our website. Give it a lot when you’ve got a few minutes.

Now regardless of what frame shape looks best on you, with the largest selection of designer reading glasses in the world, has got you covered. And our powerful search tool makes it easy to explore by frame shape as well as by color, size, and frame material and in any combination. Rest easy men, has you covered.

Here let me show you.

Half eye. Half frame readers, also known as half eyes, are identifiable by their shorter vertical lens height. This allows you to peer over the top of the frame without distortion. Whatever your preference from classic tortoise plastics, to sleek rimless metals, we know you’ll find your favorite pair.

The Clubmaster, a tribute to the 1950’s and understated cool. If you’ve seen “Goodfellas” or “Catch Me If You Can”, you’ve seen these glasses in action. So it’s easy to see why they’re making a comeback. Made into reading sunglasses, they become the perfect accessory for canasta by the pool in the club.

Next, let’s talk about square. Not L-7 square, something with corners that contrast with the smooth curves of the face. Square-ish shaped reading glasses tend to look great on nearly every face shape. It’s those contrasting angles again. You’ve probably noticed that newscasters and TV reporters often choose a square shape because of the smart look. So, if you’re a little unsure of what will look best on you, think corners glasses with rectangular shape look great on nearly every face shape.

Here’s one style that needs no introduction. The wayfarer is easily the most popular style of sunglasses sold around the world. They are just cool. Which is not surprising considering their retro and cool roots. Think Moon doggie meets Jack Kerouac meets JFK meets Bob Dylan. Naturally offers them and every available lens option from Single Vision to bifocals to no lined computer lenses. So if you want an unquestionably classic cool look the wayfarer is the opposite of “Risky Business”. You see what I did there “Risky Business” Tom Cruise.

OK, let’s keep it moving.

OK. If I say the words, “what we have here is a failure to communicate” what sunglass style comes to mind.

The aviator perhaps? These frames were originally designed in the 1930’s to shield U.S. aviators from the sun’s powerful rays. Civilians embrace them immediately. This might be the most iconic shape for glasses ever. They look good on just about every man. My dad wore these and so I still love them and they look good and every woman too. And they’re downright intimidating on some from fighter pilots to tight lipped state troopers to rebels without a cause. If Marlon Brando wore them, you know they’re cool. The aviators generous lens area makes him an ideal choice for reading sunglasses. Not just because they block out a lot of the light and make reading by the pool easier on your eyes but, because you’re also less likely to be interrupted. Don’t I look mean and intimidating. Probably, not so much but you get the point.

If there is one lane shape that has a range, it’s round. It works for peace loving minimalist intellectuals like John Lennon. They worked for GI’s in the field and, it worked for countless villains from Batman’s nemesis Mr. Freeze to almost every evil scientists in moviedom. Maybe the magic of the round is that their simplicity allows the heart of the person wearing them to rise to the surface. And that’s great news for all you good guys out there.

That just about wraps up our preview of some of the shapes available We hope this review helps you in your search to find your perfect style. Should you need more help, our customer service associates are the best stylist around. So don’t hesitate to ask for help. Remember shopping at is risk free with free shipping and free returns always.

We have the world’s largest selection of designer reading glasses but, more importantly we have the perfect pair for you.

Happy reading.

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