How—and how not—to treat your new glasses. (Video Transcript)

Hi, I’m Jennifer, Fashion Specialist &Care Advisor here at

Today I am going to focus on a subject most folks think they’ve got down pat, while actually very few do. That is “How to care for your glasses.” Wait - make that, “How to properly Care for Your Glasses.” Even if you’ve been wearing glasses your entire life, some of what you’re about to hear will probably surprise you.

Okay. You have a cool pair of glasses. They work great, and they look great on you. Well, with just a little TLC, the two of you can have a nice long relationship. So, allow me to share some care tips for you that will help the two of you get along beautifully.

With each pair of glasses you get from, you’ll find some helpful pamphlets, like this one. You can find the information I’m about to share in here as well, so when you get a new pair of glasses, hold onto these pamphlets. But you can always refer back to these videos too.

Let’s begin, shall we?

First Tip - Storage: Protecting your reading glasses starts even before you put them on. When you’re not wearing your glasses, keep them in their case. And be sure not to place them in your pocket or bag without protection. Keys, coins, or any other loose objects, even minute dirt particles can scratch your lenses.

Now keep in mind that a lot of thought went into the case your glasses came in. It’s not just cosmetic. If you received a hard case, it is often because the frame requires a higher level of protection. Take rimless and semi rimless glasses for example (show glasses), you should never - did you get that? NEVER - squeeze one these into a soft case. Doing so puts at risk both the delicate frame, as well as the lenses.

Tip number two: Cleaning: Here’s where you might be surprised about what you thought you knew. You know those lens sprays and wipes you find everywhere from the drugstore to eyeglass stores retailers that are so good for your glasses? Well they’re not. Often sporting the brand of big-name optical companies, these additional revenue streams are good for their bottom line, not your glasses. So AVOID THEM with the passion of a fish avoiding a frying pan.

Todays’ specialty lenses include high tech coatings, from Anti-reflective to Blue Light Filtering and beyond. Those sprays and towelettes include alcohol, which, when used repeatedly will deteriorate those very lens coatings that make it a pleasure to see - and cost you a pretty penny!

Those cute little towelettes can contain wood pulp, which, over time will scratch the lens coatings and ultimately the lens itself.

But sprays and towelettes aren’t the only seemingly innocent culprits.

There’s your shirt: probably the most common mistake people make is cleaning their lenses with the bottom of the shirt. Fact is, clothing picks up dust and other particles as you go through your day and these can leave small scratches. Large ones will be obvious and distracting, while small ones will cloud your lens over time.

And of course, there are the omnipresent tissues and paper towels. These products also contain wood fibers, course enough to scratch and mar lenses as easily as dirt.

Okay, so what’s the solution? On that front, we have good news! The best cleaner is plain old tap water, right out of the faucet with maybe an occasional tiny dab of dishwashing liquid. Then just give your glasses a quick rinse under the faucet and gently dry with microfiber cloth provided with your order, or a soft, clean 100% cotton cloth.

We suggest that a daily quick rinse under the sink and pat dry, will keep your frames and lenses looking new for longer. “Everyday” sound a bit much? It’s not. Just think of all the dust and minute dirt particles your glasses encounter each day. And don’t forget, our skin contains salts, oils and acids which can dull a frame’s finish over time, as well as lenses and their special coatings.

Tip number three, Maintaining your frames Shape: While proper cleaning of your lenses will keep them clean and clear, the frames that hold them need some TLC, as well. Whether you opted for a plastic or metal frames, you’ll keep them feeling new longer by following a few simple steps.

  1. Don’t park your glasses on the top of your head. This can cause the temple arms of both plastic and metal frames to stretch out of alignment. Additionally, doing so with metal frames can transfer sufficient stress to the lenses resulting in small fractures.
  2. When you remove your glasses, use both hands in a straight, away from your face motion. Avoid pulling them off one-handed to the side, as doing this repeatedly can create misalignment, along with a loosening of the temple arms and hinges.
  3. Don’t park your glasses on the dash of your car, or on a warm surface in direct sun, especially in summer months. Prolonged exposure to the heat of strong sunlight can soften the frame, causing it to warp. Also, hi-tech lens coatings, when exposed to intense heat, can shrink and distort.

Whew, that was a lot, and to be frank, not the sexiest topic. So give yourself a pat on the back for sitting through this Frame and Lens Care Video. If you picked up only one tip, you’ll reap benefits.

If we have by any chance missed answering any of your questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by email, phone or live chat. It has been my pleasure to share tips about getting the most from your eyewear.

That’s all for now and thank you for being a customer.

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