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Carrera 7550 Computer Style Progressive

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Anti-Reflective Computer Lenses

Computer Lenses, sometimes referred to as Office or Occupational Lenses, make it easy for your eyes to move back and forth between near vision tasks like computer work and reading printed material.

Computer lenses are a specialty type of progressive lens designed for today's world. Like any progressive lenses, they eliminate the need for multiple pairs of glasses. But more important, they give your eyes the focal length they need as they need it, greatly reducing eye strain.

1. Select your normal reading magnification power and the lens will do the rest. The upper portion of these lenses allow for intermediate range viewing, perfect for computer, not to mention tasks like, cooking, sewing, following sheet music, drafting or reading blueprints, and many more uses.

2. As you lower your focus to the bottom portion of the lens, the lens acts like any reading lens, making it easy to read cellphone screens, pill bottles, newspapers, or the latest best sellers. The included high quality Anti-Reflective Coating reduces eye strain even more, allowing you to enjoy your work and hobbies.

Optional lens upgrades

California prop 65 warning:

Size and fit

Fits and looks best on faces that are Average in width.

Frames front view
Frame Width 135mm - 5 1/4 inNose Bridge18mm - 3/4 inHorizontial Lens 53mm - 2 1/8 in
Frames side view
Temple Arm 140mm - 5 1/2 inVertical Lens 27mm - 1 in

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Rating of this product is 5.0 out of 5

Based on 3 reviews
  • Rating of this product is 5 out of 5
    CM ORANGE, CA March 16, 2015

    Great frames. Great lenses.

    Update 1: As per my review below, I liked the glasses but the frames chipped. I returned them and tried other frames on this site. For various reasons, I didn't like them (usually because the vertical lens size was bigger than I wanted). So I tried these Carrera 7550 CL's again. After several months of use, it doesn't appear to have any chipped paint. It appears that the last pair may have been defective, but made the return convenient. Update 2: As this site no longer carries frame color I wanted for a second pair, I decided to try out another frame style (Goo Goo Eyes 846 CL). This GGE 846 frame had a larger vertical lens size. I noticed that I could read smaller print better with the larger lens. I.e., the magnification at the bottom of these larger progressive lenses is greater than at the bottom of smaller lenses used in these Carrera 7550 CL. My guess is when they fit the lenses to the frames, they start at the top (low end of the magnification) and cut off excess length at the bottom (higher end of the magnification). For example, the lenses in the Carrera may go from 0 to +1.25, whereas the lenses in the larger frames may go from 0 to +1.50. I'll test this out later, but it looks like it might be necessary to order stronger magnification than you normally would (e.g., +1.75 rather than +1.50). Original Review: I really liked these glasses. The frames looked and felt nice, and I really liked how the computer progressive lenses worked for me. However, the problem I had with these Carreras was that the paint chipped off the frame at various locations. I am pretty careful about my glasses and always use a tether, but somehow they easily chipped after less than a month of use. Note: It was the Ruthenium (silver) color, in case that matters.
  • Rating of this product is 5 out of 5
    MH Visalia, CA February 03, 2015

    What a Relief!

    When using the computer style progressive glasses my eyes get an instant relief of stress. I love the way they work. These fit and look very nice.
  • Rating of this product is 5 out of 5
    Curt Sizemore LIBERTY, IN November 22, 2014

    excellent much better than standard reading glasses

    Will never own a different kind of reading glasses. This is the second time I have used Reading Glasses. Com and I love them?

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