Polarized Reader Sunglasses

Polarized reader sunglasses eliminate virtually all glare from reflective surfaces. Originally popular with the outdoor sports enthusiasts, polarized lenses rapidly became a crowd favorite with everyone because of their unique ability to knock out the glare.

Polarized Reader Sunglasses, the Perfect Accessory for Every Activity

Polarized sunglass readers are an excellent choice for drivers. The lower reading portion of the lens allows you to see the dashboard more clearly, while the upper distance portion is just like any other polarized sunglass, eliminating glare from shiny buildings and light reflecting off of wet pavement.

Why do fly fishermen love polarized lenses so much? Simple! With a polarized lens, they can actually see the fish before the fish see them! And, bonus, the lower reading portion of the lens helps them to tie the perfect fly. offers polarized reading sunglass options that include progressive no-line lenses and traditional lined bifocal lenses in both brown and gray colors. And all of the polarized reading sunglasses include a backside anti-reflective coating to make it a double whammy on glare.

Some of the more fashionable brands with polarized reading glasses include Ray-Ban, Maui Jim, Persol, Goo Goo Eyes, Kate Spade, and many other fan favorites. Browse our collection of polarized sun readers to find the perfect pair for your lifestyle.

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