Stick On Bifocals

Turn any lenses into bifocals with Hydrotac stickers by Neoptx. The half-moon shape works with most glasses right out of the package, or you can trim them to fit your needs. Get more life from all your lenses with Hydrotac bifocal stickers.

Make Any Lenses Bifocals with Neoptx

Hydrotac stick-ons are flexible, versatile bifocal stickers that enhance close-up vision for practically any pair of eyewear, including safety glasses, dive masks, or a favorite pair of sunglasses. Whether you’re flying, driving, cycling, or simply sitting on the beach, Hydrotac gives you the power you need to see clearly.

Made with pride in the USA by Neoptx, Hydrotac bifocal reading stickers are easy to apply through the magic of molecular attraction. Simply wet the eyeglass stickers, place them on any lenses, and wait for them to dry. There are no messy adhesives, and you can switch Hydrotac stickers to new lenses anytime.

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