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MicroVision Reading Glasses

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0 products
Our MicroVision reading glasses are designed with your convenience in mind. Ideal for the traveling professional, the adventure-seeker, or anyone with a consistently busy schedule, each pair of MicroVision readers is highly compact with the ability to fold to half its original size. Once folded completely, the glasses can fit into a case small enough for your front pocket or day-trip travel bag. The nickel-free metal of the MicroVision reading glass frames are constructed with prescription-quality mechanics that keep them durable.

MicroVision reading glasses feature optical-quality plastic lenses that are both lightweight and distortion-free for optimal levels of comfort. Choose from a variety of magnifications and two different frame shapes for the power and style you need in your hectic daily life. MicroVision reading glasses will easily become a part of your daily routine, improving your look and your vision in the most convenient way possible.