When I reached the age of ~45 years, my perfect 20/20 vision eyes started to lose their perfect vision. I tried cheap reading glasses from the local drug store- none of them fit well nor did they provide the correct vision; I tried prescription glasses from the local retail eyesore store, spent a lot of money, and still was not satisfied. A couple of years ago I discovered on the internet, ordered my first pair of glasses, and have never looked back. Since then I have ordered several pair of reading glasses from, and have been extremely satisfied with their products, and more importantly with their customer service. I wish every company had the level of customer service that has. They are just terrific. Sometimes I make an online purchase, and then realize that I missed a feature that I forgot to order, or I simply change my mind, shortly after making the purchase. All I have to do is call them on the phone, I get a real live person in less than a minute and they revise my order as needed. Just top rate service all around. I can't say enough good about them. Every other company in the world needs to follow their example of quality product and customer service.

Glen B.

Carlsbad, California