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Unboxing Your Readers

Unboxing Your Readers

Hi. I’m Georgia, fashion eyewear specialist here at

Today we’re going to walk you through what to expect when your box arrives and explain the care that goes into getting your eyewear to you safely. Now once your order is completed online at, the process starts.

First, your order is handpicked from our warehouse and then sent through a rigorous 24 point inspection by our lab inspection team. Some of the inspection steps include: four point alignment, nose pad adjustment, cosmetic inspection, lens alignment, and power verification to name just a few.

Now throughout its journey to the shipping department, your orders check a minimum of four times to ensure accuracy. By the way one of our promises here at is that if your order is received by 3:00 p.m. Central it goes out the door the same day. Something to keep in mind, if you’re in a hurry to get your new glasses.

Now once all the inspectors have given your order the go ahead. Our shipping department ensures the safety of your eyewear by placing your product in a sturdy, beautifully branded, box with a biodegradable and recyclable air pouch to protect your new glasses along the way. When you receive the box, yay, you’ll see four things: your glasses, a detailed receipt, a free microfiber cleaning cloth, and last but not least, information pamphlets specific to your new glasses.

These pamphlets contain some great information about your purchase such as: how to care for your new frames and lenses, and adjusting and positioning your new glasses. If you purchase progressive readers or progressive reading sunglasses, we’ve included a pamphlet to help you quickly acclimate to your new lenses.

This is valuable information so keep it in a safe place for easy future reference. That way when you fall asleep with your glasses while reading that new best seller thriller. And you need to get the frame you’re scrunched a little bit back to normal, you’ll know the best way to do it.

Yes I’m speaking from experience.

It’s our mission to have every pair of glasses we deliver to you, to a customer, generate a wow factor of 10. And if you take a few minutes to check out the customer reviews on our site, we think you’ll agree, we get it right an awful lot of the time. Maybe you’ll be adding to the love yourself.

We hope so.

I replicated a customer order to show you what to expect.

This customer ordered two pair. Look at these glasses. The cases are so pretty. I cannot wait to open them to find the pearl inside. Well. These Kate Spade glasses are gorgeous. And what a great color. Perfect. For well everything and anything.

Now let’s put these beauties back where they belong.

For now.

Now while our glasses have been carefully adjusted to pick correctly right out of the box sometimes a tweak here or there is a good idea. Naturally there’s a technique to doing this and we share it in the pamphlet we’ve included called “adjusting and positioning your new glasses.” With that guide, it’s quite easy but you can always call one of our customer care specialists at 1-800-238-0904. They’ll be more than happy to walk you through the process.

So that’s what you can expect when you receive one of these lovely packages. And remember, if for whatever reason you’re not in love with your new glasses has both free shipping and free returns. So the risk is right around, I don’t know, zero.

Thanks so much for your time today.

Happy shopping.

And we cannot wait to hear about your WOW when you get your new pair, or two, or five.

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