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Jewelry Codes in Eyewear: It’s Time to Shine and Sparkle!

Eyewear with jewelry embellishments has a remarkable tradition and legacy. In the post-war decades of the 50s and 60s, a time when creative ideas boomed, cat-eyes and butterfly-shaped glasses and sunglasses inlaid with rhinestones or decorated lavishly with flowers and floral motifs and ornamentation allowed for a form of self-expression never seen in the realm of spectacles ever before.

Today, this ‘jewelerification’ trend has once again returned. Whimsical and joyful, the jeweled accents offer a charm and opulence that shows we’re eager to re-experience the shine and sparkle of elegant eyewear which is decoratively fun. Placed on interesting shapes, in combination with beautiful colors and combos, the details express a nostalgia for the glittering finishes of yesteryear fused with the skills we have learnt through technology and new applications in modern craft.

Six Frames That Shine And Sparkle At

1. Regal Rhinestones

Alain Mikli A05052B. color: Violet

The French designer’s artistry and style is elegantly expressed in the model Alain Mikli A05052B, a frame with a square shape and thick-rimmed structure, embellished on front and sides with tiny, shimmering embedded rhinestones. This style is a statement of opulence and luxury, and comes in several striking colorways such as white or red, and a fresh and on-trend violet blue.


2. Oh So Chic!

Alain Mikli A03115B. color: Metal Blue Horn

The Alain Mikli A03115B. A stylish shape with statement Swarovski, this deep shape with an upswept brow line fuses pattern and color with a jewelry edge. Choose from the 1950s black version, with white temples and silver detailing, or a bold blue horn acetate with amber/light gold flourish.

3. Art Deco Delights

Ralph Lauren 8196BU. color: Shiny Havana

This model from Ralph Lauren is inspired by the fashion house and its luxurious jewelry creations. The refined front is matched with geometric Art Deco detailing, a tribute to a style of decoration that feels sophisticated and classy on the shiny Havana frame.


4. Less Is More

Swarovski 5268. color: Turquoise

For those who like sparkle with a discreet and delicate touch, the Swarovski 5268 offers a wonderful timeless design with single Swarovski stones placed on either side of the front. All the Swarovski frames are made in Austria, and feature exciting treatments across the frame. The 5268 cat-eye is particularly interesting in the light brown and turquoise - colors which would style perfectly with evening dresses and formal party wear.


5. Brilliant Retro!

Cat Crazy Luxe. color: Black

Cat Crazy Luxe specs are a fun choice for readers, with their classic retro shape and perfectly accessible price. In black, the frame is decorated - in line with the current jewelry trend - with six small shiny stones on either side, harking back to icons of the 50s and a look that’s feline and feminine, for everyone to shine!


6. Sea Blue!

Swarovski 5174. color: Blue Crystal

With brilliant blues taking Spring/Summer apparel trends by storm, this Swarovski 5174 is sure to dazzle, whatever your summer plans. A wedding? A seaside adventure? A Mediterranean tour? The 5174 has a decorative sparkling inlay and a gentle, sophisticated shape - the tiny Swarovski lettering is emblazoned tastefully on the side.


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