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How To Find Lost Glasses

One of the most annoying things about wearing glasses is that they are easy to lose if you’re not careful. That said, you landed on this page for a reason - you’ve probably already lost your glasses and you’re scrambling for a solution. Lucky for you, this guide is chock full of tips and tricks to help you get through this tough time, including ways to ensure you’ll never lose your specs again.

Where To Look For Lost Glasses

When you’ve lost your glasses, don’t panic. They’re probably nearby and easily findable with a bit of backtracking. You’ll want to think about where you last had your glasses. Were you on the couch reading the paper? Or, maybe you were in the kitchen studying a recipe for tonight’s dinner.

If you still can’t figure out where you had your glasses last, try searching for them in the following locations:

  • Your Lap: More often than not, your glasses may have fallen into your lap without you knowing. Just simply stand up to find out.
  • Couch Cushions: Remove the cushions from your couch and other furniture as these are common areas where glasses disappear.
  • Around Your Computer: If you have been working on your computer, you might have left them nearby.
  • Bathroom: Look on the countertop, inside drawers, window ledges, or any other bathroom surface. You’d be surprised.
  • Clothes Pockets: Check the pockets of your dirty clothes or even the clothes you are wearing.
  • Kitchen: If you’ve been cooking, you may have taken your glasses off to avoid getting them messy.
  • Near the Last Book You Read: Look next to the last book you were reading; you may have set them down nearby.
  • Your Head: As silly as it sounds, check your head - they might be resting up there.
  • Your Vehicle: An excellent hiding spot for your specs is in between your car seats, glove box, center console, or visors.
  • Work Desk: Check thoroughly around your home or work desk as this is a common place glasses like to hide.
  • Garage: If you park your vehicle in a garage, they may have fallen out of your lap onto the ground.
  • Driveway: If you park in a driveway, they may have fallen out when you got out of your vehicle.
  • Purse: Poke around in your purse or bag; they might just be hiding in there.
  • Hotel: You may have left your glasses back at the hotel after a vacation or business trip. Call the front desk and ask if housekeeping located anything while turning your room.

Pro Tip: If you’re nearsighted and your smartphone is near you, try using its camera to look around. Open up your phone’s camera and look through the screen to search for your glasses; the image on your phone should provide a clear enough view of your surroundings to locate them quickly.

How To Keep From Losing Your Glasses

Once you’ve found your glasses, the next step is not to lose them again. Thanks to modern advances in eyewear accessories, there are many ways to stop this from happening.

Consider the following to prevent the loss of your eyewear down the road:

  • Lanyard: Attaching your glasses to a lanyard is a cheap way to keep them with you at all times - especially reading glasses.
  • Eyeglass Chain Holder: Eyeglass chains are a step up from a lanyard and come in various styles and colors. Shop our collection of chains and cords or learn to make your own.
  • Case: Cases are significant for two reasons: they create good habits and protect your glasses from damage. Simply make it routine to always place your glasses in a case after use. Shop our selection of stylish cases to keep your glasses in optimal condition.
  • Glass House: Glass houses are a great way to store up to eight pairs of glasses and are a must for those who own multiple pairs of specs to match their outfits. Shop glass houses now.
  • CliCs: When you don’t need your glasses, simply pull the two lenses apart and let them hang securely around your neck until needed again. Browse our collection of CliCs.
  • Use a GPS: There are small GPS devices available on the marketplace to help keep track of your glasses’ location right from a smartphone.
  • Purchase Multiple Pairs: At the end of the day, having a few backup pairs is always a good option.

Don’t rely on your memory alone. By using one of the above methods, you’ll be able to better keep up with your prized specs. Not only will you save money by not having to replace them, but you’ll also save your sanity as well.

When You’ve Lost Your Glasses For Good

If after days of searching and you still aren’t able to find your glasses, it may be time to wave the white flag and purchase a new pair. If you require reading glasses, we invite you to browse our selection of reading glasses and reading sunglasses. is the largest online reading glasses store offering 1000+ reading glasses styles, including both designer and budget brands.


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