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How to Keep Your Glasses Clean and Sanitized During COVID

How to Properly Clean Your Glasses

The internet is littered with information about cleaning your eyeglasses - some of it helpful, some of it not. Even though you will discover dozens of methods for cleaning and sanitizing your specs, only a small fraction of those methods are tried and true.

It’s important to take the proper steps to fully ensure your glasses are both scratch and germ-free. Cleaning your glasses with a t-shirt, or something similar can cause damage to your lenses due to particles of dust trapped in the fabric. Not only will this wreak havoc on your eyewear, but t-shirts also don’t have the ability to disinfect or sanitize surfaces.

Keeping Eyewear Clean During Covid

We now live in a world where we’re all taking as many precautions as we can to avoid spreading COVID-19. Not only are we cleaning and scrubbing our hands every chance we get, but we are also cleaning and disinfecting our smartphones, doorknobs, office supplies, and countertops too. But did you know that harmful germs can also live on your eyeglasses?

Just like any other surface, eyeglass frames and lenses can harbor infectious bacteria that can make you sick.

Think about it&hellip

As we go about our daily routine, we rarely stop to think about how many times we touch our spectacles. For example, after putting them on in the morning we subconsciously adjust their position on the nose, remove them for cleaning, and so forth. And often, we do so with unwashed hands.

As part of your virus mitigation routine, you should be cleaning your glasses daily to keep them germ-free and looking sharp.

How to Clean and Sanitize Glasses: Step by Step

Cleaning your glasses daily is the best way to keep them germ-free and looking sharp. However, it is best to avoid commercial eyeglass cleaners as they can damage your expensive lens coatings due to its alcohol content. Follow these steps to clean your lenses and frames while avoiding scratches and other damage:

Step 1 | Wash Your Hands

You will want you to make sure you start with clean hands before cleaning your glasses. This will keep you from transferring any germs from your hands to your eyewear. After washing your hands with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds.

Step 2 | Rinse Your Eyeglasses Under Warm Tap Water

Once your hands are clean, run warm water over your glasses - both your frames and lenses. This will remove any dust, dirt, or other debris that could damage your lenses during the cleaning process.

Step 3 | Add a Drop of Mild Soap

Next, while your glasses are still wet, add a small drop of mild dish soap to each of your lenses. Ensure that your soap of choice is lotion-free. Gently rub the soap all over your glasses including the screws, pad arms, nose pads, temples, end pieces, and hinges. This will ensure you are removing all skin oils, grease, bacteria, and other debris from your eyewear.

Step 4 | Rinse Your Glasses

After your glasses are fully lathered, rinse them under tap water to remove the soap. Make sure to completely rinse them to prevent any soap residue from forming. Failing to properly rinse your glasses will cause smearing during the next step.

Furthermore, you should rinse your glasses daily to keep them in good shape. Bacteria, dust, and other microscopic debris collects on your lenses and frames throughout the day. If you are outdoors and sweat often, the salt from your perspiration can cause your metal frames to erode over time.

Step 5 | Dry Your Spectacles

Once you rinse the soap from your frames, use a clean lint-free, 100% cotton towel or the micro-fiber cloth that your glasses come with to dry them. But first, go ahead and give them a gentle shake to get some of the water off.

Next, wipe your glasses with your towel to remove the remaining water. Do not use paper towels, dirty towels, or anything that is abrasive. By doing so, you risk smearing or scratching the lenses.

Step 6 | Store Your Glasses

Lastly, if you don’t plan on wearing your glasses after cleaning them, place them in a protective case. That way your glasses will remain clean and germ-free. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to tuck your spectacles away whenever they are not in use.

Last Resort

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