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Guide to the Cat Eye: A Feline Favorite + a Fashion Staple

Cat Eye Glasses Guide:
A Feline Favorite + a Fashion Staple

Cat eye glasses (and sunglasses) are a shape of eyewear with an upswept appearance at the other edge of the frame. The style is an old favorite, a cult style in eyewear, and one of the most sought after and revamped shapes of the moment.

Jennifer Lopez pulls off the fairly large classic upswept shape in black, and Priyanka Chopra and Meryl Streep both wear classic sinuous cat eyes with style and finesse. Katy Perry looks incredible in the ‘embellished’ sparkling retro versions.

How to Wear Cat Eye Glasses

Essentially, this style can be worn with anything – to style up all wardrobes and all outfits. When it first became popular in the 1950s, the cat eye was fun, colorful, and sparkly, and sometimes a little crazy. Treatments such as rhinestone crystals, or embedded glitter were not uncommon, and the upswept retro shape was bold and exaggerated, often sculpted or embellished with flowers and wings!

Today, its distinct characteristics still make a statement in color and style. Designers have revamped the classic traits of the shape bringing us a wider and wider choice of inspired cat eye silhouettes, accessible for all faces, in innovative materials and unique designs.

Cay Eye Frame Color Guide

The traditional tones are a great choice if this is your first cat eye shape. Classic hues and variations in tortoiseshell and leopard print are wonderfully wearable and in eyewear, they tend to be combined in glamorous ways to create a flattering palette of tones for the face.

For Fall and Winter, I like the red and burgundy hues as an alternative to black. These tones can instantly update your look (a classic black suit or a pair of jeans) with an eye-catching effect that feels fresh and new.

But also consider the high-voltage options. If the catwalks are anything to go by the color stories are loud and bright in 2020. This means that the doors are open to pick what you like, to play with colors and details, and express yourself in a different tone to anything you’ve worn before!

Cat Eye Reading Glasses at

Coach 6141 readers and reading sunglasses Coach’s super new 6141 is a slightly rounded eye shape with the pointed shaping of the cat eye decorated with a tiny gold trim on either side. The timeless coloration is on-trend for the Fall/Winter season. Easy and glamorous!

Ray-Ban 5366 readers Ray-Ban’s 5366 comes in violet and orange – two very hot tones with a statement effect. The colorful frames for those who dare. has one of the largest collection of cat eye glasses in the World. From designer styles to affordable looks, you’ll find the perfect pair. Shop now for free shipping and returns on all orders.

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