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Best Glasses for Men’s Face Shapes

Best Glasses for Men’s Face Shapes

Glasses for men’s face shapes - square faces, long faces, and round faces - check online and these are some of the classic search criteria for men’s eyewear, with a standard set of prescriptive rules.

Square faces should choose round or oval, round faces should choose angular or rectangular and heart-shaped faces must wear bottom-heavy frames with low-set temples!

That’s all well and good, but what about the myriad of other important styling details in a pair of glasses that will change your appearance in seconds – the type of color, combinations, textures, or design elements – these are factors that you must consider along with generic suggestions on the shape, to ensure your glasses work for you.

Four Modern Classics for Men’s Face Shapes

In order to make confident decisions based on your facial features, here are some styling tips around four key classic shapes and styles for men:

1 | Panto Style Glasses With a Slim Design

I am often asked to recommend eyewear shapes for men who want classic styling that continues to be in line with current trends. I always recommend a fail-safe frame style: the gently rounded panto or modified panto shape in a classic toned acetate.

Most of the time a slim rimmed pair of panto spectacles with a fairly high bridge can offer a nice lift at the browline – ensuring this frame is balanced and flattering. The combination of a narrow bridge and well-sized lens shape is ideal for those with a narrow pupillary distance, while the softly angled shaping will usually offset rounder face shapes. On color, choose the classics - black or a warm tortoise - and you can’t go wrong.

Lightec 30004 Progressive Glasses

Black Lightec reading glasses This style comes in black tortoise, blue, and black with a red lining. Frames with a colored lining are brilliant as they offer a hint of color without overpowering the face.

This beautiful French frame design offers benefits such as lightness and features an innovative screwless hinge which means it’s technically advanced.

2 | The Classic Metal Rectangle

Most of the time they say the rectangular frames suit men with a round or oval face. I would argue that a rectangular shape is one of the easiest for most men to carry off with success and that it might be the material or color that gives it that special dash of style you need.

I am also cautious about quality and I always notice if a man wears a rectangular frame that is too small for his face. The trends currently promote stronger rectangular looks and a fairly generous eye shape will give a much more dapper and contemporary look.

Berlin by Randolph

Eyeglasses by Randolph A robust, solid frame means these traditional rectangular glasses are flattering and sophisticated. The high-quality metal material used by Randolph adds a distinguished note in colors which include versatile all-rounders such as blue/gunmetal and black/silver. The frame has very small visible pins on the temples which add a very smart classical twist overall.

3 | Semi-rimless With Very Narrow Upper Rim

A semi-rimless style is easy and modern and in general, its unobtrusive design works well on different face shapes. The guides recommend these top-heavy styles for “diamond-shaped” faces in particular. Add to that a modern color such as gunmetal and you’ve got a look that is completely versatile for any time of day.

A classic semi-rimless with a very narrow framework on top tends to be nice if you’re a minimalist but wanting your glasses to have some level of definition and detail above the eyes.

OX3218 by Oakley

A pair of Oakley reading glasses This is an all-purpose semi-rimless style recommended for average facial features. A frame with a thin profile that feels comfortable and lightweight, the typical Oakley aesthetic is both modern and sleek.

4 | An Aviator for a Classic Statement

Aviators are absolutely great but they don’t suit everyone, although online, there are some misleading articles on aviators suiting all face shapes.

The general rule is they are better for diamond-shaped faces and usually work on square or oval faces; but they are also a statement in themselves and even if they have a very narrow metal frame, the oversized shape is bold and conspicuous.

My advice here is to do your research on sizes and materials, and if you’re a first-time wearer, try the classic metal aviator reading sunglasses first to ease you in.

If on the other hand you’ve had success with this shape previously, get adventurous and explore new designs or new material combinations – taking note of the many styles of the double bridge that can change the fit and overall style. For grey hair, pick a tone that is likely to be 100% flattering like black, navy, or warm tones that brighten and enhance your complexion and features.

Ray-Ban 3025L

A brown pair of Oakley Reading Glasses An eye-catching version of the classic shape with a very narrow wireframe. This large size comes in arista crystal, gunmetal crystal, or black all of which are striking yet very iconic in style.

Style Tips for Men's Face Shapes

When it comes to finding the perfect frame for men’s face shapes, consider the following:

  • Triangle-shaped faces:Try a D-frame or aviator style to bring more attention to the upper portion of your face.
  • Oval faces:Square, rectangular, or geometric-shaped frames pair well with oval faces.
  • Heart-shaped faces:Choose bottom-heavy frames, glasses with low-set temples, or oval-shaped frames with light colors to complement your heart-shaped facial features.
  • Round faces: Sharpen softer features with geometric, rectangular, or angular frames to create distinct lines and balance.
  • Square faces:Choose round and oval frames to soften angular features to create a rhythmical, natural look.

Pair Your Personality With Your Frames

Keep in mind that finding the perfect frame is often more about personality and purpose rather than sticking to generalized rules. And while using traditional shape recommendations as a starting point, examine and explore other factors such as color combinations and new innovative materials which always play a vital role in how a frame looks and feels in the end.

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