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All in One CliC

All in One CliC:
Interview with Ron Lando of CliC Eyewear

Anyone who has a pair of glasses will have mislaid them, even temporarily, at one time or another. When Ron Lando first came up with the idea of a design that would be easy and practical to wear around the neck, it seemed quite extraordinary that it didn’t already exist.

The Rise of CliC Reading Glasses

CliC changed the glasses world!” Lando told when we asked about his first experiences and the launch of the first products. “I always wanted to create something different having been in the eyewear business all my life. I created CliCs with a dream and a vision.”

Lando knew he was going to need to create something quite original, an eyewear product that was as simple as it was practical, and completely revolutionary in terms of the design – with common sense appeal to be worn with ease around the neck.

CliCs were so different when I invented them,” he recalls. “People thought, wow, this is so crazy! But they are cool, and they really work! The customer was literally delighted.”

“Our designs hang unobtrusively around the wearer’s neck – it’s the only reading glasses design with easy-on easy-off access at all times…” Ron Lando, CliC

How Ron Lando of CliC Started his Journey

“I began my career in the eyewear business back in 1977,” he explained when asked how it all started. “During my first 10 years in the industry, I designed eyewear for several of today’s leading optical companies.

The success of these unique designs for others enabled me to expand my horizons. The CliC idea was born from these years of being in an industry in which I lived and breathed 24/7. It all just came to me and at the time it seemed simple and straightforward!”

Since the first launch nearly 20 years ago, which brought two industry awards for ‘Best new product’, the CliC designs, which use a patented magnetic front-connecting system, have seen extraordinary international success.

Time Magazine described CliC glasses as “The best eyewear innovation since glasses were invented”. Lando became a well-known speaker on creativity and inventing, profiled on talk shows, in newspapers, and in magazines, from Oprah to Small Business FORTUNE.

“The magnetic system has never once changed since the day I created it,” says Lando on the evolution of the idea. “With CliCs magnetic system, the only thing that has changed is the wide-ranging choice of frame styles we incorporate into our products.”

Largest Collection of CliC Readers

The reading glasses collection is broad and just keeps on growing with fashion products, exciting colorways for all tastes, and a super variety of shapes and sizes to suit all face shapes. Highlights include a line called FLEX, with adjustable temple arms and customizable end tips as well as special fits for those with a wide (XXL) or small (Petite) face to ensure the utmost comfort in the fit. is the only online retailer to offer 18 unique CliC lens options with their wide range of CliC reading glass styles. They include options with non-glare coating and varieties of photochromic and polarized lens, meeting all wearers’ needs.

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