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8 Fall Accessories for Women

8 Must Have Fall Accessories For Women In 2020

As we head towards Fall, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of women’s glasses styles we’ll be wearing this season. As the most versatile accessory to update your style, your wardrobe should include several pairs, for work, relaxation, and outdoor wear.

8 Must Have Reader Looks for the New Season

1 | Clear Glasses

A pair of clear green reading glasses
Goo Goo Eyes 865 & Ray-Ban 5154

Flattering, clear glasses are an easy choice for all occasions, offering a modern, eye-catching look – with a touch of delicacy. Transparent tones, which are popular for Fall, include the crystal varieties inspired by vintage eyewear, and delicately tinted clear acetate frames – with a light gelato wash of pink, pistachio, or caramel.

2 | Vintage Classics

A pair of multi-colored purple reading glasses for women
Oscar by Circa Spectacles

In the coming season, the timeless trend and a yearning for quality, reliability, and durability in our products is driving a focus on classical designs. Familiar eye shapes such as rectangles and ovals in sophisticated tones of tortoise offer an effortless style with a subtle, smart, scholarly appeal. Today, the tortoise tones are wide and varied ranging from traditional and natural to pretty multi-colored varieties that add a touch of contemporary class. These are styles to love and live in!

3 | Cat-Eye Frames

A pair of multi-colored cat-eye reading glasses for women
Millicent Bryce 166 & Coach 6141

The characterful cat-eye, inspired by decades past, is a firm feminine favorite for women of all ages. Associated with so many vibrant, strong, and striking women, this beautiful upswept silhouette adds chic color, flair, and fashion to any outfit. For Fall, we recommend the most graceful, slightly larger styles of this type, with the distinctive curvy shape and interesting, flattering details.

4 | Big And Bold

A pair of cheetah print reading glasses for women
Goo Goo Eyes 899 & Kate Spade Jalena-S

Give your face a fierce new perspective: statement-making eyewear is on the increase and a combination that offers a great oversized shape and an exciting, dramatic color or pattern will bring you radiance and warmth, through cold or gloomy days of Fall and Winter.

5 | Geometric Style

A pair of geometric style black reading glasses for women
Randolph Hamilton & Goo Goo Eyes 871

In recent seasons, the most creative ranges in eyewear have introduced sharp, geometric shapes with unusual angular structures or multi-sided octagonal or hexagonal eye shapes. These styles continue to grow in popularity and the new season collections draw on the trend with innovative, structured designs – in a wide choice of colors. An ideal frame to dress up or down!

6 | Computer Glasses

A pair of oval metal reading glasses for women
Bobbi Brown The Addison

Computer lenses have become extremely popular as we all spend huge amounts of time in front of computer screens and phones. These practical, progressive designs greatly reduce eyestrain and for those who want it, eliminate the need for multiple pairs of glasses. You’ll find them in some very stylish must-have shapes and tones: choose a thick-rimmed acetate and the very latest rich and radiant hues such as burgundy, red, magenta purple and brick.

7 | Oval Specs In Metal

A pair of oval metal reading glasses for women
Ray-Ban 6547L

This iconic small metal shape is back and it’s very much here to stay, for next year and beyond! Wearable through different seasons and with a variety of looks, its slightly intellectual overtones make it a great idea for work. A very thin gold or silver metal rim or a semi-rimless version is flattering on most face shapes. Choose a metallic finish to match other metal accessories such as necklaces and earrings.

8 | Cool And Quirky

A pair of red reading glasses for women
Wolfgang Katzer Autor & Wolfgang Katzer Architekt

For those with an appetite for quirky, artsy, and unconventional, the new season offers up some truly striking glasses. Consider a gorgeous custom-made design – a true work of art, produced by hand in Europe – or go for unusual shapes and color combos that bring a memorable head-turning, finishing touch!

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