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Randolph USA, Signature Eyewear Collection. (video transcript)

Hi I’m Georgia, fashion eyewear specialist here at ReadingGlasses.com.

Today is a special treat for me. I get to present a class of products that make us especially proud to showcase. Products made right here in the good ole U.S. of A. “Buy American” is a nice slogan. And it’s more than a mere sentiment. It’s an acknowledgement that craftsmanship is alive and well in this country. To prove the point, we’ll be looking at a Made in America collection with a rich history.

Here we have a collection from Randolph Engineering. Hailing from Randolph Massachusetts and there is rich history behind every pair. Randolph has been making eyewear for the U.S. military, NASA, and air forces worldwide since 1972. Each pair is handmade in the USA to precise military standards.

Randolph begins the process with the very best materials including stay-sung screws, unique metal alloys and a proprietary solder-flux that provides incredible joint strength. Now their act of creation is something to behold. The hands of 50 different craftsmen cut, mold, twist, tumble, and finish each frame over a five week period. It’s a process that includes more than 200 individual steps and the results are worth every one of them.

At ReadingGlasses.com, every pair of Randolph frames are customized with lens options that include progressive no lines, computer reading lenses, and single vision lenses. Each with options such as anti-reflective non-glare coatings, polarized, and photochromic technology.

We’re proud that all final lab work is completed in our own finishing lab right here in Dallas, Texas. For assistance of any kind, you can always talk to our in-house team of customer care associates and opticians. Now you’ll quickly see there we’re doing our best to bring back that great American customer care that used to be standard operating procedure.

Now onto the glasses.

First up the, Randolph Aviator. Originally built for the US military, this flagship model brings angularity to the classic teardrop aviator shape. This square aviator surpasses rigid military spec standards. It has been standard issue since 1978. These glasses are field and battle tested suitable for the most demanding adventurer. The bayonet style temples are so well thought out that Randolph calculates the exact angle of the bend on the skull temple to prevent headaches that may sometimes occur from unique or undue temple pressure. That’s the level of care and attention that can be seen through the glasses and the entire Randolph line.

Not all sunglasses work for all face shapes but the Randolph Aviators are one of the most accommodating. And they are meticulously crafted, balanced perfectly, and completely comfortable. Perfect for the man who needs to get things done without having to baby the equipment. The Randolph Aviator comes in a variety of sizes and a full array of lens options.

It’s brother, the Aviator 2, is identical in every way save a sweat bar at the top. These handsome glasses also come in a variety of premium finishes including twenty three carat gold. It’s the same finish applied to the world’s finest timepieces. Applied at five times the industry standard and electro plated for maximum durability and scratch resistance.

This is the Concorde and if you guessed that the name is a nod to the luxurious supersonic Concorde jet you’d be 100 percent correct. What better way to pay tribute to such an incredible aviation milestone than with the iconic aviation glasses shape a.k.a. the Aviator worn by generations of military aviators flying over France, Italy, Germany, North Africa, the Pacific, Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East. The Concorde is very similar to the square aviators I described earlier and made with the same care and attention to detail. The only difference is the smoother curve of the more traditional teardrop shape.

The Randolph Sportsman is identical in every way to its brother, the Concorde save a sweat bar at the top making the sportsman one of the most durable glasses there are. Perfect for the man who enjoy spending time in the great, not so forgiving, outdoors.

The Amelia is a traditional aviator designed for women with, as you can see, more curvaceous lines and the identical uncompromising specs of Randolph other legendary aviation glasses. The name homage to the iconic Amelia Earhart the first female to fly solo across the Atlantic.

Let me quickly take you through a few more.

The P3 was originally designed for submarine crews. Here are the circular lens offers a cool contemporary look with a nod to the retro. The P3 Shadow and the P3 Cable offer slight variations of the timeless P3. The Shadow has titanium nose pad, and a support bar at the top. The Cable offers temples that wrap around the ears for the most secure fit. Recently Randolph has branched out into non-military inspired looks as well. These handsome metal frames are all made to Randolph’s exacting standards.

The Oxford bayonet frames are paired with a striking two line color treatment, like its military cousin made to highest standards in the USA.

The Berlin delivers for Randolph quality in rectangular frame suited for the office.

Now let me finish by showing you two Randolph models that are made specifically for women. The Savoy and the Hadley. The Savoy’s curvaceous lines and chic style are soft and modern. The Hadley’s hint at the iconic cat eye shape for contemporary flair. But rest assured every model is made to the exact same uncompromising specifications as Randolph’s military glasses.

Okay, that wraps up this, warms my heart

It’s so great to see that Randolph is carrying on the tradition of quality American manufacturing with the finest materials and hand crafting them with the greatest care and pride. And that makes us proud to be entrusted to deliver such products to you.

Finally please remember that we take as much pride in delivering delightful customer service as Randolph takes in making such incredible products. We’re intent on you having a wonderful shopping experience period. And our no risk free, shipping in returns policy is just the very tip of the iceberg. One in Alaska, USA of course.

Until next time let me just say God bless the good ol’ U.S. of A.

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