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Folding Readers, Luxury Portability from Bat Wings. (Video Transcript)

Hi I’m Georgia Foy. Fashion eyewear specialist here at

I’m thrilled today to introduce you to one of the world’s finest folding frame collections. These bat wings reading glasses are the perfect traveling companion. Whether you’re running away for the weekend or simply looking for a pair of readers you can tuck inside a small pocket.

Now let me show you how cleverly they fold from full size reading glasses into a supple leather pouch. This is so quick and easy to do it’s about a three step process and they’re tiny. They fit into this beautiful pouch. And there, you can put them in your pocket. You can put them in your purse and your very small handbag.

Now the bat wings collections consist of three models each available in five color options. Now there are two elegant half frame reader designs along with the classic full round shape you see here. Now bat wings high tech stainless steel metal alloy construction makes them both light and durable.

The lenses include premium anti-reflective lens coating for a relaxed, glare-free reading experience. Now treat yourself to a pair and you’ll be the talk of Gotham.

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