CliC Magnetic Readers, All Classic Styles & Colors. (video transcript)

Hi I’m Georgia, fashion specialist here at

They say the best relationships in life just CliC. Well I have proof of that. Meet the world famous CliC collection of magnetic readers.

CliC’s patented magnetic frame technology makes it easy to have your glasses in place when you need them and just inches and seconds away when you don’t. When you have them on you can lock them into the most comfortable position by adjusting the clever slide mechanism on each side of the temple arms. People who love CliCs I mean love. Consider CliC Central.

With more models colors and lens options than anywhere on the planet. Let’s take a look at just some of our most popular models.

  • Here’s the basic and ever popular CliC Reader. As you can see, great style and colors galore.
  • The CliC Long offers a longer slider than regular for those who like more flexibility in length.
  • This is the CliC XXL. It’s wider at the temples and has an additional width adjustment mechanism on the rear band.
  • The Sonoma, for those who prefer to go topless. It’s curvy with rimless top for clear viewing.
  • The Euro features an elegant oval shape with European flair.
  • This is the CliC Executive. It features full frame, classic styling in single vision, progressive, and no line bifocals. And our newest computer lens options.
  • Like an iconic look, the Ashbury delivers hip wayfarer styling. We see it here and clear, no line lenses.
  • Of course, here’s the CliC classic. Rounds are really in this here and I love the matte finishes.
  • Here we have the Vintage XXL shown in clear single vision and with outdoor, no line progressive reader lenses. Retro, check. Chic, check. Notice the taper temple similar to the XXL half frame readers. Very comfortable for average to wider face widths.
  • Our last model, the CliC executive is shown here with our outdoor reader lens option. Classic styling perfect for golf, cycling, or just looking cool.

So say hello to the world of CliC and leave the world of where did I leave my glasses behind. All CliC models are in stock and ready to ship. And only at, does every pair come with a free microfiber pouch to protect your glasses and it cleans them too. Of course like all products, CliC’s come with free shipping and returns. Check out our second CliC video where we showcase some of the newest models from CliC including the new CliC Flex and Vunetic models.

In the meantime the next time you can’t find your glasses. Imagine if they were just inches away.

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