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Welcome to ReadingGlasses.com

The year was 1974. A businessman from NY, Robert Granoff, needed glasses for reading. He did the logical thing and went to a prescription optical store and bought a pair of glasses. Problem solved.

Months later he went on a business trip to one of his Midwestern accounts. As he was heading to the meeting he realized that he had forgotten his glasses. The taxi driver, having become aware of the problem, asked his fare if he wanted to stop at a drug store on the way to the meeting. Robert was a bit confused by the offer and asked why he might want to go to a drug store. The driver answered that he could pick up a pair of reading glasses there. Robert’s confusion had stemmed from the fact that at the time, New York state didn’t allow eyewear to be sold outside of an optical store, so he had never seen racks of reading glasses.

The driver stopped at a store, Robert ran out, grabbed a pair with the appropriate magnification and made it to his meeting. Tickled by the ease and economy of the ready-made reading glasses, he stocked up whenever he went out of state.

In 1976, Robert moved to Dallas with his wife and family and entered the hotel business. He was a busy man, negotiating both a new town and, with his new hotel, a whole new industry. Still, he always paused whenever he passed a rack of reading glasses in one of the drug stores.

One day, while looking through the options of glasses on a rack it hit him. While the glasses were inexpensive, almost all of them were downright ugly. Being a salesman in the Manhattan’s fashion industry for so long, Robert was well aware of how important appearance was. So, he mused over the idea of being able to get reading glasses that were attractive, but didn’t cost several hundred dollars.

Robert still had his hotel to run, so there was little time for another new venture into yet another new industry. But his son, Peter, had just moved back to Dallas and was thinking about starting a business. Robert shared his idea for a store that specialized in just reading glasses, Peter researched the market, liked what he saw, and in 1986 the two opened their first store on Lover’s Lane in Dallas, TX.

It was slow going at first. But Robert and Peter were greatly encouraged by the level of enthusiasm people displayed as they discovered the novel concept. Customers came back again and again. And soon their friends were, too. As business increased and the concept proved itself the two made plans to expand. Soon they had stores in and around the Dallas metroplex, as well as in Houston, New Orleans and Tulsa.

Looking to broaden their offering, the duo started traveling to industry optical shows and factories in Europe and Asia, where they struck up relationships with manufacturers. Today, in addition to the wide selection of top designers they carry, the store carries ten exclusive brands designed and manufactured by them.

RGTG saw the retail opportunity of the Internet fairly early. Peter had purchased the URL, ReadingGlasses.com, in 1996, and by 2000 the online store made its debut.

Today, the site is visited by thousands of shoppers every day. The site is robust and intuitive, utilizing those practices that have been proven to deliver customers the best user experience. It’s incredibly easy to shop the thousands of glasses they have, and to make the decision of which reading glasses to get even easier, they offer free shipping–both ways.

Corporate Office:
1003 Dragon Street
Dallas, Texas, 75207

(800) 238-0904

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shopping experience on the web. Seriously. Seriously.

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