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Women's Half Frame Reading Glasses

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56 products

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Discover the Best Women’s Half Frame Reading Glasses

Welcome to, where delivering superior-grade women’s half frame readers is our signature commodity. Our carefully curated selection covers a diverse blend of shapes, materials and colors conceived with the intent to delight your unique tastes and requirements.

We offer half eye readers - alternately known as ‘half glasses’, ‘cheaters’ or ‘half eye glasses’ – in both semi-rimless and full rim variants. Find the ideal pair that matches your personal style and budget, including the latest lens advancement options such as non-glare and blue light filtering—all available here at

Fashion Meets Function

In addition to their stylish appearance, half frame reading glasses are also tailored to meet the specific needs of their wearers. Our frames are designed to be lightweight and durable, ensuring long-lasting use and minimal discomfort. The glasses are available in twelve different strengths, to precisely match your individual needs. Whether it’s for a professional or a casual use, these half frame reading glasses seamlessly blend fashion and function in a way that enhances both style and vision.

The Most Sought After Brands

We carry the most sought after and stylish brands of women’s half frame readers including:

  • Ray-Ban
  • CliC
  • Alain Mikli
  • Eurospecs
  • Goo Goo Eyes
  • Jeepers
  • Millicent Bryce
  • Moxie
  • Porsche Design
  • Seattle Eyeworks

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I determine the correct size for my half frame readers?
While the measurements of a frame provide essential information, they are not the sole determinant in identifying a suitable fit. This is due to instances where smaller silhouette frames can accommodate larger faces or conversely, bigger style frames cater to narrower faces. To ease your quest in finding an exceptional fit, we introduce you to our concept of “Practical Fit.” It essentially focuses on whom the frame has been specifically designed over merely emphasizing its dimensions.

Broadly speaking, most people have a reasonable understanding about their face width - narrow, average, wide or somewhere along these lines. At, every frame design undergoes categorization under one of these groups based on its functionality and targeted user profile.

  • Narrow: Narrow reading glasses are best for those with small and narrower faces or when an average fit feels drastically oversized.
  • Narrow-Average: If a standard frame feels slightly too large, then an average to narrow fit should be just right.
  • Average: Designed with average width and size, these reading glasses will look and feel great on most wearers.
  • Average-Wide: If average fit readers feel a little snug, then average to wide-sized glasses should improve your look and comfort.
  • Wide: If you require larger frames for comfortable reading, our wide-fit frames are for you.

Alternatively, to determine the correct size, you can also measure any current glasses that fit well and compare these measurements with the sizing measurements on any product page. Key dimensions include the lens AB measurement (height and width), bridge width, and temple length.
Question: What face shapes do women’s half frame readers suit best?
Half eye reading glasses offer greater versatility compared to their full framed counterparts, thoughtfully crafted to complement a wide range of women’s facial structures. This liberates you to concentrate on selecting suitable colors and other desirable attributes for your spectacles.
Question: Are there reading glasses available with better-quality lenses?
Customers can trust that our reading glasses utilize lenses of the highest quality, comparable to those prescribed in an optometric setting. Our commitment to excellence distinguishes us from those who prioritize cost savings above all else. For us, value is built by our promise of delivering superior quality.

The heart of our operations resides within our optical finishing lab housed at our headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It is here where most of the precision lens fitting takes place—an intricacy amplifying functionality and finesse in every pair we produce. All lenses are sourced from the same manufacturing entities entrusted for high-end prescription purposes. We adhere strictly to maintaining this standard, ensuring zero compromise in quality.

Further underscoring our promise of unrivaled quality are the stringent evaluation measures facilitated by a dedicated inspection department. Every pair sold receives a meticulous 20+ point check prior to shipping. Each lens must be free of imperfections, verified in power, and securely mounted. Including a four-point frame alignment that ensures the product bearing our name meets our promise.
Question: What are the most lightweight materials for half frame readers?
Lightweight half frame readers include metal alloys, stainless steel, titanium, and high-quality thin profile plastics in Italian acetate or injection plastics. These materials are known for their strength, flexibility, and ability to retain shape.
Question: What are the reasons behind the popularity of half frame reading glasses?
They don’t obstruct your distance vision, as they are easy to see over. Generally lighter in weight and more compact to carry than larger size readers. There are also so many colors and modern design options that are nothing like your great grandmothers’ glasses.

These glasses do not impede your long-distance vision, owing to their design that allows easy visual overpass. They represent a more lightweight and compact alternative when compared to larger-sized reading aids. Additionally, they come in an array of colors coupled with modern designs, providing stark contrast from the eyewear associated with older generations.
Question: How do I care for and clean my half frame readers?
We appreciate this question as the proper care for glasses is often overlooked or misunderstood. To begin, lightly rinse your lenses under tap water to remove any dust or dirt build-up which could potentially scratch the surface during cleaning.

Every purchase comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth, offering a safe and effective method for cleaning lenses. This cloth reduces the risk of scratching and ensures a lint-free surface. A pristine 100% cotton cloth serves as an acceptable alternative. Avoid tissues or paper towels due to their wood fiber content; these coarse fibers possess enough abrasiveness to blemish delicate lenses in much the same way traditional contaminants might do so.

To neutralize the effects of creams and cosmetics’ oil on lenses, apply a dab of dishwashing liquid followed by a thorough rinse. Refrain from using commercially marketed eyeglass lens cleansers due to their alcohol content. Continuous use of such products will gradually deteriorate the advanced coatings found on modern lenses.

Always store your glasses in protective case when not being worn.
Question: Why are half eye reading glasses often so colorful?
Half frame reading glasses function not only as a visual aid, but also serve as a fashionable accessory. Generally, women prefer coordinating their attire with these articles and this propensity drives the consistent demand for introducing fresh styles in an array of shades to coincide with the changing seasons’ trends. This includes timeless patterns such as tortoiseshell along with more contemporary designs.
Question: Do half frame readers offer UV protection?
Half eye models, notably smaller in silhouette than full vision models, are typically positioned slightly lower on the nose. This positioning effectively eliminates the standard need for UV protection. Nonetheless, polycarbonate lenses offering extensive UV protection are frequently utilized in rimless designs. It is recommended to review the product specifications if you deem UV shielding a necessary feature in your selection process.
Question: Are there half frame readers that offer adjustable nose pads?
Certain half frame reading glasses are equipped with adjustable nose pads, facilitating a more personalized and often more comfortable fit. More typically, metal frames, will incorporate this feature. The width of these adjustable nose pads can be narrowed or widened at the user’s discretion, ensuring optimal positioning on the nose while preventing slippage.

Commitment to Quality and Service at, we are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. For any inquiries, feel free to contact us through live chat or by phone at (800) 238-0904. Enjoy the convenience of free shipping and free returns on every pair of women’s half frame reading glasses.