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Movie Inspiration

Famous Movie Star Glasses
5 Styles, Immortalized on the Big Screen

If you’re looking for optical inspiration and a timeless eyewear classic, look to the cinema for inspiration. The movies offer a veritable feast of designs which have earned iconic status through the decades. From Indiana Jones to James Bond, I’ve looked back at some of my favorite films to find the most iconic eyewear styles worn by actors and actresses.

1. Robert Redford | Three Days of the Condor | 1970s

Robert Redford in Three Days of the Condor It may not be his most famous film, but for style, it’s right up there as one of the classics: Three Days of the Condor (1975 Paramount Pictures), starring Robert Redford is a political thriller directed by Sydney Pollack and featuring Redford alongside Faye Dunaway, Cliff Robertson, and Max von Sydow. Redford’s gold-framed aviator-style glasses were part of his iconic style in the film, which in 2012 was nominated one of the 25 most stylish films of all time by menswear magazine GQ.

Aviator Style

Ray-Ban 3025 It doesn’t get more classic than the Ray-Ban 3025, which features a similar golden sheen Redford’s style in the movie. This frame has the traditional double bridge and comes in a choice of size and can be ordered with polarized lenses.

2. Harrison Ford | Indiana Jones | 1980s

Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones glasses in Raiders of the Lost Ark Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones glasses in Raiders of the Lost Ark (Paramount, 1981) were the quintessential retro tortoiseshell design. Ford wears the glasses at the beginning of the movie when seen as a university professor, teaching ancient history and archaeology – dressed for the part in a tweed three-piece suit.

Readers with Intellectual Edge

Circa Spectacles Morrison Readers and Reading Sunglasses Morrison and Oscar by Circa Spectacles are traditional, cool styles inspired by the good-looking men’s designs of the past. You can’t go wrong with a retro classic!

3. Thelma and Louise | 1990s

Susan Surandon and Thelma and Louise The cat’s eye has had many great and memorable moments on the silver screen. In Thelma and Louise, the tortoise style worn by Louise Sawyer (played by Susan Sarandon) is cited as an iconic piece in film fashion. The tortoise coloration was particularly elegant, and the shape well balanced with a smart keyhole bridge.

A Feminine Cat Eye

Ray-Ban 4314 Nina Bifocal Reader and Progressive No Line Reading Sunglasses The original frame from Thelma and Louise was created by Ray-Ban. The latest styles in the collection include the Ray-Ban 4314N Nina and the fabulously stylish Ray-Ban 4325 – available in Havana or Black.

4. James Bond | 2000s

Daniel Craig in Casino Royale Persol has long been a favorite brand of the stars. In Casino Royale, Daniel Craig’s James Bond wears Persol exclusively – the frames featured come in beautiful Italian tortoiseshell frame with all the distinctive Persol design features like the silver arrow point hinges and green lenses. Craig also wears a metal Persol frame at the start of the film.

James Bond Style

Persol 3012V Readers and Reading Sunglasses Choose a Persol classic: 2374V is a men’s reading style with a solid rectangular form and lightweight construction. For sun protection, a Persol 3012V provides the perfect balance of comfort with sophisticated design.

5. Clark Kent | Superman | 2010s

Henry Cavill in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Clark Kent’s iconic oversized specs have always been a talking point for eyewear enthusiasts. In Batman v Superman, the look continued to evolve with Henry Cavill wearing large, black rimmed-glasses. The frame has a rectangular shape and small details such as silver rivets on either side of the front.

Clark Kent Appeal

Shuron Freeway 48 Readers and Reading Glasses Made in the USA, Shuron Freeway 48 is one audacious look for fans of the spectacle-wearing superhero. Choose classic black or brown smoke for the ultimate bold men’s statement.

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