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Compact Reading Glasses For Travelers

Your life is one that’s defined by constant motion, where every moment matters. From work to home, to vacations that can take you around the world, you’ve gotten good at limiting your essentials to things that are small enough to fit in your travel bag. Some might find this limited space restrictive. You find the minimalism freeing, as you can pick up and go whenever and wherever life takes you.

You don’t slow down, which is why you choose what you bring carefully. Everything has a purpose, and you prefer items that take up the least amount of space when not in use. Your time is valuable, and the smaller something is, the easier it is to manage.

For the Jet-Setter looking to maximize every moment, reading glasses are an indispensable tool. They reduce eye strain by making it easier for your eyes to focus on small text, which can make you more productive. Unfortunately, many traditional frames are too large for your on-the-go-lifestyle, their travel cases to big to fit comfortably into a pocket or small clutch.

At, we help solve this problem with our collection of compact specs that take up a fraction of the space of traditional frames.

Pince Nez Style Frames

The need to find small, pocketable reading glasses isn’t new. In the 1800s, one of the most popular frame styles was a design small enough that men could keep their glasses in the front pocket of their vest when not in use. Known as “pince nez,” the frames didn’t have arms, allowing them to take up far less space.

While not ideal for extended reading sessions, Pince Nez eyeglasses are perfect for anyone who finds themselves wearing their frames for short periods of time.

Folding Frames

If you love the look of traditional reading glasses, but want something that’s easier to store, folding frames are a stylish alternative. Designed by some of the biggest names in fashion, including Persol and Ray-Ban, these specs use ingenious hinges to fit into a ultra-compact case.

Clic Readers

Clic Readers tackle the storage problem differently than other companies. Instead of making their frames smaller, they added a magnetic latch to the bridge that allows you to easily pull them apart. A wrap-around arm keeps both halves secure and resting on your neck. This removes the need for a travel case and makes sure your readers are always on hand.

Keep Your Readers Within Reach

Reading glasses are only useful if they’re convenient to carry and easy to take on and off. But you’ll only wear them if you like how they look. At, we have the world’s largest selection of designer frames, making it easy for you to find something that matches your personal sense of style. Be sure to check out our complete collection, available for both men and women, if you didn’t see something that you could see yourself wearing in our jet-set style guide.

With a chain or cord, you can turn any pair of reading glasses into something that’s travel-ready. Leave the case at home! Instead of putting your eyeglasses into your purse or pouch, keep them securely around your neck, ready to pick back up at a moment’s notice.

Repairs & Returns

We know that your time is precious, which is why we make ordering from our website easy. Try out your glasses risk free for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll pay for shipping and refund your purchase so you can find something you’ll love. No questions asked.

You make the most out of every moment in your life. We’re here to help sure that you see each minute clearly.