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Alter Ego Collection

Who would you be if you could totally redefine yourself? Blur the lines between fantasy and reality by choosing the specs that suit your ideal alter ego. Dream big and wear cool shades!

For Women

The Surfer
(Wayfarer Reading Sunglasses)

She’s a beach junkie, and the only thing that revs her up more than catching a good wave is having a good time. She’s found the perfect recipe for happiness: friends, sun, water, sand and surf. Oh, and a lot of adrenaline. Want to find her? Look for the girl with golden, wind-tossed hair, tan skin, a bikini and her favorite pair of wayfarer sunglasses.

The Celeb
(Oversized Sunglasses)

Since she can’t take two steps in Beverly Hills without being recognized, her oversized sunglasses are a must. The payoff is worth it, though; she dines with the world’s hottest celebrities and parties in ways that would make her mother faint. When she isn’t busy playing the love interest of the most attractive star alive, she’s at a luxury resort drinking Mai Tais on the beach.

The Fashionista
(Cat Eye Reading Sunglasses)

She isn’t wearing that checkered pantsuit because she’s seen other people in it. Other people buy their own suit after they see her pull it off effortlessly. She’s not short on fashion sense or designer wear, and every outfit she puts together works well with her trademark cat eye glasses. Confident, cool and sassy, this girl is every designer’s dream.

The Adventurer
(Aviator Reading Sunglasses)

The world is her oyster, and no one is going to stop her from exploring it. Romanced by the unknown, this world traveler has journeyed by train, plane and even motorcycle. She’s not afraid of anything, except maybe settling down. While many pursue her free spirit, her heart belongs to the adventure. She travels light, but she won’t be caught without her trusty pair of aviator sunglasses – and her black leather jacket.

For Men

The Musician
(Wayfarer Reading Glasses)

No need for a day job – he makes a living on the road with nothing but his well-worn guitar, his soulful voice and, of course, a full crew of musicians and roadies. A born drifter, this kindhearted rebel falls in love just as quickly as he falls out of it. But, there’s nothing he can do. The party never stops, and the show must go on. Want to find him? Look for the man in faded jeans, a t-shirt and his iconic pair of wayfarer glasses.

The Biker
(Aviator Reading Sunglasses)

Nobody is as alive as this guy. As close to death as he is to nature, the wind flies past him while his chopper hugs the curbs of adventure. Dressed in black leather and a pair of aviator sunglasses, this free-spirited biker’s masculinity does not go unnoticed by the opposite sex. Unbound by social expectations, this adrenaline-junky is the perfect blend of cool and simple.

The Gentleman
(Round Reading Glasses)

The perfect picture of sophistication, the gentleman exudes class. He surrounds himself with beauty, quality and minimalistic elegance. When he is not entertaining romance, his days are best spent on a café patio philosophizing with his well-educated peers. This traveled fellow is most in his element wearing custom made suits, ties and sports jackets, and black tie attire. He is sharply accessorized in round glasses, designer hats and timeless timepieces.

The Hipster
(Square Reading Glasses)

He rolls out of bed, slides on his designer square glasses and finger combs his fringe. While he’s discovering the newest Indie music on Spotify, he throws on a Johnny Cash T-shirt and skinny jeans, steps into his unlaced hi-tops and throws on a bright red scarf. He grabs a cup of coffee to go and walks to work, where he spends the day creating album cover art. After lunch, he decides spend the afternoon strolling through the park with his girlfriend – whose hair is even shorter than his. Life is full of fresh discoveries for this trend-loving hipster.