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Seeoo Glasses & iPhone 5s Case

Seeoo iPhone 5/5s Case + Light
An iPhone Case To Keep Your Seeoo Readers In
Few things stay closer to you than your iPhone. From work, to play, to being the alarm that you keep by your bedside at night, having your phone within easy reach is just a fact of modern life. The Seeoo iPhone case means that your specs travel with you wherever you take your phone.

An eye-catching case protects your 5/5s without adding a lot of bulk, and a small pouch on the back lets you carry your Seeoo reading glasses anywhere you go. Seeoo specs feature a super-slim, armless design that makes them lightweight, on-the-go readers. With a design based on the classic “Pince-Nez” style; these retro glasses are the ideal match for the modern profile of an iPhone.
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