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Like the rest of Tumi's accessory collection, men's Tumi reading glasses are made for the constantly active business professional who has more upcoming flight itineraries than he can count on one hand. Each pair of men's Tumi readers from includes an estate leather companion case, protecting the frames during travel and everyday use. carries a large selection of Tumi reading glasses, so there are plenty of stylish options and colors to choose from. The minimalistic designs are sensible and refined, making them equally appropriate for the workplace and casual settings.

Our assortment of men's Tumi reading glasses is certainly not lacking in innovation. With available features like transition lenses, flexible nylon frames, and lightweight, optical-grade materials, Tumi readers offer something for every man. From checking emails at the airport to impressing clients at a steakhouse dinner, Tumi reading glasses will give you the perfect polished look for every occasion.