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Standout Style, Miracle Materials

Standout Style,
Miracle Materials

All the properties of comfort, style and absolute practicality in one small, design product from Europe. Created almost 10 years ago in Austria, eyewear label Seeoo has grown its reputation as an innovator in the design of modern reading glasses through a passion for history, and a fascinating redevelopment of one of the earliest and most appealing spectacle designs of the past: the pince-nez.

Founder Gerald Lasnik (pictured above) calls it “Going back to the origins.” His inspired concept for reading glasses was sparked when he discovered his grandfather’s treasured pince-nez in the attic. He and his son Martin became intrigued by the simplicity and efficiency of the classical design, and were inspired to recreate it, in traditional crafted designs, adapted for our times.

“A contemporary revisiting of the everlasting historical “pince-nez glasses” Seeoo Eyewear"

Today the Lasnik family business in Austria creates a wide range of reading styles based on their original innovative concept. The collection has seen two Red Dot design awards, European accolades that highlight design products of excellence, and the product has achieved extraordinary popularity globally, thanks to the timeless, user-friendly styling.

Seeoo Classic Pince-Nez example The Seeoo Classic Pince-Nez is light and ultra-slim, designed to sit ergonomically and safely on the tip of the nose, without traditional temples in true “old-fashioned” style.  But this is not an old-fashioned product, far from it! The revolutionary design of the Seeoo Classic is its lightness and incredibly compact design.

The shape is typical of the collection, rounded with a single angular corner on the outer edge, a hallmark of the brand. The aim is for absolute ease for the wearer, and this is a focus also for the case design, which is not much larger than a credit card.

Seeoo Round Example A variety of shapes exist in the Classic line, with the Seeoo Round being one of the most trend-setting. Round eyewear shapes, as we all know, have had a huge resurgence, and this style is right up there with its stylish Windsor-inspired rim.

For materials, the model combines high-quality Mazzucchelli acetate with an incredibly slim wire bridge, and is presented in elegantly finished leather case.

Seeoo Round Example The Seeoo Light is a version of the original Seeoo Classic glasses, which are made of the finest Mazzucchelli acetate. Seeoo Light shows an even more reduced design, for the utmost convenience, and has a very fine, barely-there colored rim, in red, brown, blue or black. Easy to have on hand at any time of the day, they are the ideal product for “quick reading” on the move.


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