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FRAME YOUR FACE! Meet Chantal Goldfinger, a passionate eyewear specialist with inspiring views on style and fashion.

Meet Chantal Goldfinger
Passionate Eyewear Specialist with Inspiring Views on Style and Fashion

Chantal Goldfinger is a Brazilian eyewear specialist. Over the past years she has dedicated her time to designing eyewear together with big brands in Brazil and abroad. She has become an industry spokesperson and passionate eyewear enthusiast leading training sessions, media talks, and new collection presentations for key accounts across Brazil.

Where did your love for eyewear begin?

 I have always dreamt of wearing eyewear. My father has been an Alain Mikli fan ever since I’ve known him, and as a kid I was so envious of his small but fabulously well curated collection of frames. Secretly, I’d always wanted one of my own.

Growing up I was super shy and eyewear worked for me like a ‘cloak of invisibility.’ Once my specs were on, I’d speak my mind. I felt that people were no longer looking at me, but rather through my specs. It gave me huge comfort and played a key role in my development and social skills. As I grew more confident and began to develop a style of my own, I realized that the more exotic the specs the more attention I’d get. I began to feed off that, creating this almost larger that life eyewear-fan-character.

How many pairs of glasses and sunglasses do you have now, and are there some favorites?

 To be very precise 732 pairs, and no favorites. I get asked that a lot and the reason is: each pair relates to a specific state of mind, a specific story I want to tell and a look I want to fashion around. As I’ve got a huge number of personalities, I need a pair for every mood or occasion.

When people ask you about styling and what they should wear, what is your general advice in how to pick out a frame?

 My answer is always the same. I’m no fan of rules or facial harmonization tricks. People should pick specs that make them feel themselves. And although this seems vague, the right specs always make you feel 5 feet taller, more confident and amazingly prettier. This has no relation whatsoever to facial shape or eyewear size. It’s about style, personality, and creating a persona. That is the true power of eyewear. To be seen rather than just to see (we want to see, of course, but that’s a given, we must go further!)

Do you think we can all still be more adventurous in our eyewear choices? What would you say to someone who’s got stuck wearing the same old color and the same old shape?

 HELL YES! The variety of shapes, sizes, materials and designs out there is simply insane! People have to stop being afraid of ‘wrong choices’. Eyewear is super individual, and it takes some time to break in a new pair, just like shoes. I always say give eyewear time, play around with different looks, hair styles and make-up and try and find your personality. I think people sometimes still think of eyewear in the same way as a retainer for teeth: it’s there to fix a problem, and THAT’S the problem right there. Eyewear is a tool for building character and style; it’s not a crutch.

Which shape do you wear more than any other and do you change your look as frequently as possible?

I wear all shapes and sizes. I always have four pairs of specs on me, and these are changed religiously every evening.

  1. Blue filter lens for when I’m on the computer
  2. Fabulous prescription frame to match my mood and outfit
  3. Amazing sunnies that match my prescription that day
  4. Exciting evening specs for after 7pm or whenever I go for dinner, just to prove that there’s specific eyewear for specific occasions. People should start exploring that!

There are many trends in eyewear today. Which are your preferred ones?

I really like the ‘retro-camp’ look that’s been seen here and there. Big, bold and somewhat familiar. But above all I like the fact that anything goes. From vintage-style frames, to extremely futuristic. The market is huge and consumer styles likewise. This is pretty exciting.

Which color will make the headlines in eyewear in 2020?

Tough question. Pantone says its ocean blue!

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