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Clic Ashbury Progressive No Line Bifocal

Average rating: 3.8 Average rating: 3.8 Average rating: 3.8 Average rating: 3.8 Average rating: 3.8 5 Reviews | Write a Review

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(CR-39) A/R Coated Lenses
Eliminate eyestrain and enjoy the sharpest vision possible by eliminating glare from overhead and reflected light sources, indoors and out.

driving with anti-glare
Non-Glare lenses eliminate glare. Glare from computer screens, fluorescent lighting and headlights.
your looks with anti-glare
Non-Glare coating enhances your good looks. So, let the world see the best of you.

( excluding +2.75 )

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This frame is best for: Average face width.


Prescription Quality

Designer Collection by Clic
Chic and clever meets technology.

Look like a celeb. You'll see these on popular TV shows like CSI-NY, where a very quirky pathologist wears CLICs weekly. Wild man William H. Macy sports a pair in the motorcycle flick "Wild Hogs."

CliC Eyewear has a magnetic closure on the bridge and continuous temples that form a wrap-around neck band. Place the flexible neckband around your head and the magnetic closure in the bridge will "clic" into place. The temple length will adjust an inch or so. Relax, CliC readers won't slide down your nose or slip off if you happen to bend over a bit too far. When you want to take them off, simply separate the eye pieces and let them hang around your neck.

Clever, patented magnetic bridge closure using an "earth magnet" Yes, that's right. The most powerful magnets on earth are nestled in the bridge of these amazing readers. These magnets are a strong combination of neodymium, iron and boron. They are so strong that when the magnets pull towards one another and close, you will hear the "click."

You're probably thinking, "Are they really THAT strong?" Yep. They were tested in the Harley Davidson wind tunnels with winds up to 143.75mph. That's really, really fast. What happened? Nothing much. The Clic glasses stayed right in place. Clicked.


  • CliC Reader - Original Fit - Average & Average to Narrower face width
  • CliC Euro - Average & Average to slightly wider face width
  • CliC Long - Average face width & longer temple length adjustment
  • CliC XXL - A wider design that combines adjustment for temple length along with expandable headband for even wider fit.
  • CliC Classic - Round full frame shape - Average face width
  • CliC Sonoma - Semi Rimless shaped half reader fits average & Average to slightly fuller face width.
  • CliC Ashbury - Wayfarer style & Average face width
  • *Note: Not available for sale outside USA.

Sizing and Details

Nose Bridge 15mm - 5/8 in
Horizontal Lens 51mm - 2 in
Temple arm Adjustable
Vertical Lens 37mm - 1 1/2 in
Frame Width 140mm - 5 1/2 in
This frame is best for: Average face width.
Narrow Fit:
Designed to look and fit best on slender and smaller facial features.
Average Fit:
Designed to look and fit best on average size and width facial features.
Wide Fit:
Designed to look and fit best on wider and larger facial features.

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5 Product Reviews

Rating: 5 Rating: 5 Rating: 5 Rating: 5 Rating: 5

Glasses that fit

Great glasses. They fit perfect on my face and neck.

Location: Anonymous

Rating: 4 Rating: 4 Rating: 4 Rating: 4 Rating: 4

My First Reading Glasses

I like my first reading glasses very much. I wear my reading glasses around my neck and use them as needed. I am still getting use to the reality that I need reading glasses.

Location: Ashburn

Rating: 4 Rating: 4 Rating: 4 Rating: 4 Rating: 4

Clic Ashbury P{rogressive No-line bifocals

Lenses are fine and seem as good as prescription glasses,Fit is not as good as the Regular Clic Readers, the taller lenses make the neckband bind a little on a large head.

Location: Anonymous

Rating: 4 Rating: 4 Rating: 4 Rating: 4 Rating: 4


I like the concept of these eyeglasses. I used to where my glasses on a chain so as not to lose them However, they were always in the way and getting dirty. The new glasses are out of the way when not needed and stay cleaner.

Location: Anonymous

Rating: 2 Rating: 2 Rating: 2 Rating: 2 Rating: 2

Disappointing optical quality

I was expecting optically clear glass for the non-reading section of the lenses. The lenses caused distorted vision - distorted enough that they cause me eye strain.

Location: Nashville, TN

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